Behavioral Observation

Behavioral observation is trying to understand how peoples behave in a given environment and the interactions with friends. To identify a behavior, it calls for a minute-to-minute observation of the target participants. A diligent observation needs to be carried out to bring out the expected outcome. My place of interest was in parties. I decided to attend several parties that were held in a natural setting rather than in building. Most of the parties I attended were wedding parties and Halloween party consisting of mates. The parties were only meant for married or dating couples, but single person were not allowed. My choice for the natural environment seems to provide effective features for interaction rather than a built-in an environment. The place has some wild animals that give the beauty and social interaction with human beings. A natural environment is the best environment for behavioral observation of sexual interactions among couples.

Most of the wedding parties are held during the day and weekends. I not only attended to wedding parties but also organized parties where mates came for fun. Couples engaged themselves in recreational activities including sporting, playing games, and express love emotions to their loved ones. In these parties, there were no restrictions on who are to be present. Therefore, different mates from different races and ethnic groups are present, and therefore characters of all sorts are displayed. I observed couples behaviors for some weekends for both wedding and Halloween party. No single person came alone; rather they came with their mates. The natural environment enabled the couples to show sexual interactions.


During my observation, I noted some things more so from the sexual interactions. Some of the observations were clear from an individual while some from both the parties. In the wedding parties, the mates who came in did not show much contact. They neither held each other’s hand nor walked at close contact. However, this could be seen late in the day, after having spent their day together. The sense of oneness was depicted from their actions as they came out of the wedding partied. In that, sense of oneness was missing out as they came in for the party. After interaction and close contact with each other, the sense of oneness could be noted. They start holding each other, walking in a close contact, and both of them seemed happy. With close interaction their emotions developed. They seemed excited, and joy could be noted from their faces. Off surprise is that almost ninety-five percent of the couple, who came in, went out holding their hands. It’s clear that this interaction increased their closeness.

The intimacy of the partners is increased during the interactions in the natural environment. The natural environment provided a serene surrounding for intimacy and closeness. During the interactions with parties held in the natural settings, the couples turned it to be an intimacy ground. Most of them did not care that it was an open place with many people; rather they went on depicting tight hugs, kissing and body caressing. There was a satisfactory exchange of feelings and emotions. Each couple seemed happy and satisfied. It was an indication of a free feeling with the partner. For example, if a couple came in with differences, maybe came in without talking to each other, walking at a far distance, at the end of interaction the closeness could be observed.

The social interaction among the couples promotes physical fitness. Most of the couples who attended the parties where there were recreational activities for several weekends said that their physical fitness had increased. In these parties, everyone was involved in activities, and game one liked most. The natural environment provided spaces for playing games, sports, dancing, singing, and cycling. All these activities ensured that everyone suit to any of them. For example, a couple came in for the first time and as they engaged in physical exercises such as playing games, running and moving up and down had some challenges. They did not seem fit to run, or whenever they run for short distance, they looked exhausted. The partners covered short distances, and if playing, the games ended within thirty minutes. They did not enjoy as expected. With frequent visits and engaging in the activities, the couples continued to enjoy. Their bodies were flexible and adapted to the rhythm. Recreation activities united people together from all social background. The interactions created friendship to an extent of some people forming groups that met weekends for games.

The natural environment where the parties were held created a room for persons to release stress. As they interacted through open talks and games, they relieved their minds that were loaded with thoughts. By involving too many activities and interacted with friends, it was the best place to release stress. Some partners could come in very bored, frowning, stressed and no communication with each other. The beauty of the environment gave people room to discuss their issues, each one to speak out their heart that helped them release their stress. One may not solve their stress alone but with interaction with a loved one, you get a platform to open out your heart. Sexual interaction with a loved one is a medicine especially if one is undergoing hardship. I happened to interview a couple who had spent the weekend at a party. They shared their experience of how through interactions and talks they felt better and their stress had reduced. Throughout my life, this was not real to me until I heard from them.

Despite the happy moments experienced by most couples, there emerged conflicts with some partners. A natural environment enabled the true behavior of a partner to be seen. After a short moment of interaction, some people could start quarreling. This was seen by their actions such as frowning on faces, hand movements and moving at a notable far distance. Disagreements could be heard through intonations, as the arguments are increased, the tonal variation changed. Conflicts among the couples led to the distraction. As the conflict escalates, the parties involved were heard throwing words to each other despite other people in the area. As the problem escalated, it drew the attention of other people. I remember a couple who started arguing, they argued for some hours, and finally they ended up in a fight. To solve it, they had to have mediators among the crowd who helped them to settle their differences. Fighting turned to be a disgusting moment to the two loved ones who came in happy but at the end, they end up fighting. They lacked self-control of their anger. Therefore, not all interactions bring about happiness rather some end up in fights. It depends on one’s behavior and how they interact with their partners.

In conclusion, my observations on interaction in parties held in a natural environment among couple have enabled me to learn a lot of things. I realized that a natural environment was the best setting to learn sexual behavior interactions of any given couple. The social interaction and relationship create a healthy environment for each other. It came to the reality that the interactions are helpful, and they promote a sense of wholeness and oneness. People can rebuild their broken relationships, increase their closeness and emotions toward each other. Interactions enhance emotional feeling between the two parties involved. Social ties and cohesiveness emerge through interaction with other partners in the parties and creating new friendships. Physical fitness and activity improve during these interactions. Recreation activities promote health through increasing physical fitness. Also, the sexual interactions help one reduce stress, depression, and one can come up with difficulties in life. I also observed that sexual interactions may bring about conflicts. It’s during these moments that an issue arises, and if no good communication is there between the parties, they end up disagreeing and fighting.

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