The Asian Immigration to America

The people who moved to the United States of America after the World War 2 were believed to be people with very low academic qualifications who were escaping poverty and misery from their native countries. America was thought to be the land where they could pursue their goals and have a better life. Most of the immigrants from the Asian communities consisted of the Japanese, Chinese and Philippines. They struggled to be integrated into the wider American community whereby they did not fit into their culture and their way of life. There were a lot of laws that tried to exclude them for being different and looking different from the white people. The Asian people fought hard against the exclusion laws and racism as they lived in the wide American society.

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When the Second World War came to an end, the government of the United States came up with exclusion laws in regards to the Chinese Americans. This law was passed by the Congress in 1943. However, the Chinese fought it hard by trying to solve the problems that they were facing such as social and separation of families. Even though the government tried so hard to fight against the paper migration, they were often frustrated in the process. The departments of the states tried to end the immigration, but the Chinese Confession program made it very difficult for them to do so. This program ensured that the Chinese could gain entry into the country after confessing that they were born in the United States but had been taken back into their country by their parents. Since it was only their confession, it became very hard to dispute such allegations. The destruction of the San Francisco further led to many of them claiming that they were American citizens and there were no records that could claim otherwise since they had all been destroyed together with the hall. The population that wanted entry into the country consisted of brides who had gotten married to US nationals during the war, and refugees.

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The Chinese were not the only Asians that were affected by the immigration laws in the United States. The Philippines were also part of the Asian migration to the country. As a result of the problems that the Asian communities were going through, there was a formation of the Pan-Asian community. At first, the group was to be named the yellow community. However, the Philippine immigrants did not agree with this name simply because they felt excluded from it. They felt that they were browner colored and hence the name yellow citizens would exclude them from the group. Freedom and rights groups that were associated with the Asian community started arising from universities where Asians fought for the same rights as the native white Americans. As a result of these movements, universities included an Asian American course that was to study the history of the Asian American population. The lifeline of this group consisted of newsletter and fliers that they distributed to all other campuses within the country. However, despite the steps that they had taken in the movements, women were still not at the same par as men. They were excluded from the leadership positions and instead occupied positions such as secretaries, tea girls, and typing. The male dominance that is a characteristic of most Asian culture was still present even in the American situation.

The Asian Americans were further brought together by the antiwar sentiments. When the American government invaded Vietnam, many of the Asian communities felt that the country was attacking and killing their own. Hence they led a lot of demonstrations for the government to withdraw its soldiers and let the Vietnamese solve their problems. This decision divided the entire country based on various races as the people felt very differently regarding the issue. The war in Vietnam separated many families as men and women were both killed without any reason. Women and children walked for long distances in search of safety. The guerilla war led to the death and assassination of the Vietnam people as they struggled to overthrow the government that had taken over the land. The suffering that was experienced by the people could not be justified, or any reason as the soldiers often killed unarmed men who were not involved in the war in any way.

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However, even the movement had its limitations such as it only applied to the middle-class Asian Americans who were professionals and students in the universities. The poor were left out of the movement. There were numerous arguments in regards to material possessions that the group had. Also, it is important to note that majority of the Asians believed that the movements belonged to mostly the Japanese and the Chinese. This is because they formed the largest number of integrated Asian Americans. Even the Asian American studies that had been incorporated into the curriculum largely studied only Chinese and Japanese history. Therefore, the other group of Asians such as the Filipinos felt that they were excluded from these policies. The division among the Asians n the movement groups caused a lot of friction and hence led to the emergence of other subgroups that felt they could meet the needs of all the Asian Americans. In fact, it was very hard to find a group that met the needs of all the Asian Americans since they had different diverse requirements.

When the immigrants came into the country, they found that they had extremely different customs and cultures. Most of the Asians described the American culture as being too conventional and liberal. Most of the Asian Americans faced discrimination in different ways. For instance, a Chinese student admitted that none of the white boys wanted to dance with them at a high school dance. Instead, she sat in the corner with another Chinese friend. She did not feel so bad about the situation since she was not alone and also since they had almost anticipated that none of the boys would invite them to dance. The Asian Americans did not have the opportunities that the rest of the country. They did manual jobs at the farms and the factories. In fact, many of them at the time did not attain much success as they were financially constrained. Asian Americans mostly hung out by themselves as they did not identify much with the culture of the people of the unite starts. Most of them found the culture to be too permissive with no strong bonds to their families.

The mass evacuation of the American-Japanese elicited a lot of protests and emotional responses from people of Japanese descent. One of them claimed that they had been taught to value their heritage very highly ad that the exclusion discriminated against them and made them lose their identity. The government had felt that the Japanese were not loyal to the country and hence proceeded with a mass evacuation. According to one Mike Masaoka, the government should have evacuated those who had been proven to be disloyal. The process should have been carried out with such integrity to protect the nation. Another journalist James Omura protested strongly against the mass evacuations.

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