Political Views

African American oppression in America limiting the variety of opportunities as a new form of slavery.


The political position of African-Americans in the United States has been a point of concern for the past generations. Research shows that the African-Americans have been neglected about political affairs. Due to color, they have been given limited chances to air their views, compared to the whites, this has affected the African-American participation in politics. The topic has created a controversial argument among the citizens of the country. However, there is no particular channel to measure the effect of political participation of African American in the economy. The paper will examine in detail how the African-American have limited chances in expressing their political views.

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Opposing arguments

Some analyst argues that the issue of African-American participation in the public is majorly a point of civic education and the literacy level. They argue that most of the blacks did not have the opportunity to express their political views in the slavery era since they lacked the knowledge. They argue the oppression was simply because most of them were illiterate thus did have the skills to represent their views. They also support the argument on the basis that the only way they can participate in politics actively is through voting. However, the voting percentage of all individuals in the whole of America is about 50% to 54%. The argument is that most of the African-American are not registered voters thus unable to express their political views through voting. Voting is one of the best democratic ways for people to express their political views. The researchers argue that if African-Americans register more as voters, they will be able to express their views politically. Also, the civic education concerning politics is an issue of concern. The African-Americans should increase their knowledge on how to express their political views constitutionally.

Naturally, under the same school of thought, some scholars have argued that the issue of racism and African Americans discrimination is brought about by their fault. The argument cannot be nullified since it has some logic. The argument is that most of the African Americans carry the burden of the past not appreciating the change that has evolved the world shadowing their thinking capability. Bolland Nigel argues that most of the African Americans take the issue of slavery still personal while it happened many years ago. The analyst argues that when they discover the opportunities and concentrate on the future, they will be able to utilize the available chances. The past resonating holds the African American from focusing on the future, and they depend on the history to the extent they cannot be able to utilize the present and the achieve a better future. The past political experiences limiting the African-Americans citizens from actively participating in politics has limited the whole race from advancing to better ways of expressing their opinions. The Blacks should put more energy on how to express their political views in the future instead of focusing on the past. Judie Newman examined that the past shadows most of the African-Americans innovation on political reforms. For them to be part and parcel of the economy, they need to start investing on some of the critical bargaining power such education in political participation. The opportunities can help the whole race in strengthening their role in the community as a whole in the community.

Some of the political analysts argue that the reason behind the African-Americans limitation is how they express their political views. From the early seventieth century, the blacks have known for express their opinions violently since they were not heard and at the same time oppressed. However, with the new generation, the way one expresses his views matters. The analyst argues that the African-Americans should stop concentrating on violence to express their views. The slogan that the " voice of unheard in the society is violence" should end. By following the law and the constitution they have a better chance in political participation compared to when they are using violence. Politics entails a lot of stakeholders; therefore, they should take the time to make all the people and different races understand their grievances.

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Supporting Arguments

Newman as a political scholar entailed issue of African- Americans getting limited chances in expressing their political views started during the 1770s when most of the African-Americans were slaves. Almost 25% of the population in the south were then slaves of the whites, working on the large plantations and some of them in the textile manufacturing industry. The African Americans were oppressed by the whites since they did not have any political participation. The race as a whole had to have a better bargaining power for them air their grievances on the working conditions and the harsh treatment. However, Newman examined when they tried to air their views concerning their working condition and political participation it leads to the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770. The massacre led to death some of the African Americans searches as Crispus Attucks, who were trying to express their some of the grievances. In fact, research shows that the whole massacre was a consequence of the African- Americans trying to air their views. The lack of an adequate platform to air their views was a form of slavery. The whites perceived them as a minor race and thus had no part in politics. The African-Americans were perceived as working machines, basically for working on the farm and the manufacturing sectors. Among the improvements that were done during the slaves era was when Thomas Jefferson's introduced the law concerning the welfare of slaves, by then African-American according to Newman. The law passed the first phase only to be dropped in the second continental congress. The irony in the bill is that Thomas had almost two hundred slaves who worked for him. He was a well-established politician and businessman, but the fact he was trying to air the political views of African-American-led to the bill failing. Some petitions of Freed Blacks to end slavery were also ignored in the second continental congress. The aspects showed how the African-American have had limited chances to express opinions. In fact, during the era, the African American did not have any representative in the Congress. The whole African-community depend in some of the activists to express their views, and they were not even allowed to form a political party or affiliation.

The issue of African-American expressing their political views has been an issue especially through the process of voting. During the slavery era, the blacks were not allowed to vote for their representatives. In fact, they were not even allowed to vote for the whites who were holding political offices during those days. The form of discrimination happened in two ways; first, the whites based constitutional bills that did not allow the blacks from voting. The vote manipulation happened by limiting the African-Americans their political rights. Jeremy Diamond and Eugene Scott showed after that the black were allowed to vote for only a few of Representatives after some decades. The representatives were few thus limiting the political influence of African-American as a race. In fact, the whole voting process was manipulated to favor only the whites. Ball Edward examined that when the African-Americans were introduced to voting they had to vote through secret ballot. The whole voting purpose was a disadvantage to them specifically since they were not literate during the era. Thus, it was difficult for most of them to choose a candidate from the list of all the candidates. The whole voting population were not even allowed to carry leaflets to give them on the hints who to vote. The whites took advantage of the political illiteracy of the African-Americans to oppress their political views. By doing this, the black contestants who were running for political sits find it difficult to win an election. In fact, in South Carolina, the whites even adopted a more confusing system of voting called the "Eight Box Law." The law incorporated a person putting the right vote in each of the eight boxes or thrown out, and the vote nullified. The process was even more confusing to the semi-illiterate African-American leading to more vote wastage.

The African Americans political contestants were more of securing a better stand for the blacks in the country while the whites were giving pressure to the state house to make more race policies. During the era politics as a form of racism displayed itself. During the Regan era the issue displayed itself even more, yes he did not have to display the form of slavery directly. However, he used authoritarian view where he neglected and a bill that favored the African Americans or passes any policy for compensation of the blacks. Blacks have been accused and arraigned in court on a false charge. Some cases were successful in detaining the innocent black person while others failed to make to sentencing according to Jeremy Diamond and Eugene Scott. In October 2008, according to one of the researchers Nick Chilles, a volunteer for Mc Cains campaign team falsely claimed that a politically motivated black Obama supporter had mugged her. The Mc Cains team volunteer later confessed of having fabricated the story. It showed directly the issue of racism in politics, policies that favored the African American were neglected thus giving them fewer opportunities.

The oppression regarding political grievances continued during the nineteenth century. Most researchers argue that during the season is when there was political recognition among the African-Americans. They had discovered their rights in different aspects. The political parties created and affiliation created a platform for the African American to express some of their opinions regarding different issues. However, the process had many obstacles, organizations that were formed such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people that increase the awareness of people in the grass root level. Ball examined that some of the activities such as Martin Luther helped in the process of expressing their views. Since, the African Americans lacked the platform to express their political views they started to focus on different forms of communication such as boycotts and protests. In fact, in some situation, the race had to depend on violence for them to be heard. The lack of platforms and limited chances for the whole race to air their views was what made them result in such drastic measures. In some instances, the activity together with other African-American decided not to follow the rules since they had no political platform. The situation of the Alabama bus segregation where they refused to wake up from the sit the occupied by the whites. However, the whites wanted to oppress the blacks further by resisting how they expressed their political grievances even more violent. Most of the activist were arrested and at times even live shooting causing death to the African-Americans. All this was to oppress the African-American from airing their political grievances to the whole country.

The two opposing arguments have logic since they are based on facts; however, Ball argued that one would say the African Americans are oppressed and discriminated to the point they lack opportunities to air their views or talent. Recently in the campaigns, the new form of discrimination has been portrayed rejuvenating the controversial topic of racism. In the Donald Trump Campaigns that happened in Georgia showed how still racial discrimination as a new form of slavery still exists. The students were ejected from the premises for the fact they were African Americans According to Diptee Audra. Most of the supporters of the Republican contestant are whites; therefore, the students were not given the chance to air their views. Since they were black they were judged by color and perceived they could cause violence. In fact, the students were told to leave the premises since the campaign is a "private affair." In line with the thought, some of the African Americans started protesting in a Donald Trump rally in Radford, Virginia claiming the campaign is by racial discrimination. The issue has been perceived as a new form of slavery compared to a scenario where radicals were arrested for airing their views. In comparison with the situation, in 1964 Martin Luther while demanding the equal rights for the African America to use restaurants in Augustine, Florida.

The radicalistic was removed from the premises and later on arrested for not abiding by the rules of segregation. The issue is a point of concern for America been a free world should enhance equality to all. The students in the campaign should not be judged or even ejected from premises by color. According to Dubreill Joni the African Americans are just liberal compared to the whites, and they have their rights and freedom to be anywhere they want . The situation showed the new form of slavery existing in the community. Yes, the two races might have different political preferences, how that aspect does not justify the action of ejecting the students from the campaign. A free world entails democracy people having equal rights in front of the law. The issue of political parties and individuals has been an issue of concern since the seventieth century. The presidential elections were based on racism that caused even bigger rifts. In 1964 Even Barry Goldwater made a lasting agreement with Lyndon Johnson not to include race in their presidential campaign, according to Chilles he argued race would lead to more rift between the citizens creating enmity and violence. The situation worsened when a clip of the black's violence was realized to the media, however Even Barry Goldwater defended his stand and criticized the clip. The issue has shown the issue of racism among the election. Most of the worthy candidates are given less political opportunities due to their race. Most of the whites argue that the blacks are violent and can be trusted with a political set. In 1968, the political heat was even more with the emergence of anti-slavery roots in America.

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Clearly, the issue of racism regarding political views has been a concern in the majority of the countries habiting both the African Americans and the whites. Finding a permanent solution is hard, both the reasons supporting and opposing the argument have logic. However, the racism and political oppression show how the minority which is the African Americans are given limited opportunities. It acts as a constraint for them to develop economically and socially. Yes, the African Americans might have their wrong doing however it does not justify the kind of discrimination to the extent of been given limited opportunity to express their political views.


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