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The Sixteenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights

The sixteenth amendment has been considered as one of the most important legislation in the history of the United States. Enacted in 1913, the amendment gives the government the power to collect income tax from all the citizens, and this enables the government... Read more

Roman Londinium

The city of London, that was ones the greatest city in the world, has lost its might and fame to New York but maintained its cultural heritage to date. Read more

World War

The World War II became the most tragic historical event of the last century, which defined the further development of the whole world and its policy. Read more

Cuban Missile Crisis

The roots of many contemporary problems of international politics and foreign relations lie in the postwar reconstruction of the world. Read more

Causes of the Israel and Palestine Conflict

Historical Causes of Israel and Palestine Conflict Read more

The Pearl of the Arabian Peninsula

Arab revolt resulted to tribal and ethnical alliances. Read more

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