Abortion Essay

Cause and Effects of Abortion

One of the most significant current discussions in the modern world is arguing about having an abortion or not. However, far too little attention has been paid to that problem, the level of making abortions has risen increasingly fast. The purpose is to discover what an evil abortion is and how to prevent it.

In order to achieve this goal one tries to answer the main questions in the paper: a) reasons why women decide to make an abortion, b) causes of spontaneous abortions, c) the aftermath of abortions. The data gathered in investigations suggest that one can get only negative results when deciding to terminate pregnancy. Therefore, in this paper all the analysis will be clearly illustrated.

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The reasons for an abortion can be different: it may be one`s own choice and it can be caused due to miscarriage. Firstly, one can take a look at why people women decide to make an abortion. Lots of them may prove abortion to be just a way to leave their problems far behind because of some reasons that may include bringing up a baby along, having no material support and etc. One thing that everybody ought to understand is that an abortion is a crime in itself. This conclusion comes from religious and esthetic points of view. It is not a woman who decided to give birth to a child and it is not she who can murder him. So, major reasons why women make an abortion include contraceptive failure (it has been calculated that half of women chanced to use contraceptive methods before becoming pregnant), inability to support one`s family, having no desire to give birth to a child upon unwanted conditions which may include rape, congenital defects, defects with a baby.

Secondly, one of the common knowledge reasons that can lead to an abortion remains miscarriage. They can be caused because of chromosomal abnormalities and metabolic problems. Genetic abnormalities are one of the major causes of miscarriages. DNA has the function of transferring genetic information. It consists of chromosomes. If the number of chromosomes is more or less then it is required (46), mutation takes place. Thus it is possible to get aneuploidy. An example can be Down`s syndrome. Even if a person with that syndrome survives to live, he will have a lot of problems with his health in terms of physical and mental developmental delays. And his chances to give birth to a child will be very low, in most cases, it will be impossible. Another reason may be problems with immune system, especially an increasing antiphospholipid antibody production. As far as one can know, phospholipids comprise the cell membrane. And if their number significantly decreases, it will be unreal to prevent serious problems. It has also been reported that nearly fifteen percent of miscarriages are due to metabolic disorders, for instance, diabetes. Another problem may also appear when the corpus luteum and the placenta cannot produce progesterone. This endocrine is very potential when it comes to the growth of the uterus as its disorders annually causes ten percent of all the miscarriages worldwide. The number of women having fibroid tumors, adhesions, or scar tissue increases more and more. This can be a danger-signal. Among immunological factors one can notice that anticardiolipin antibodies may impair the blood supply when being pregnant. The fetus can also be malnourished if altered blood clotting takes place. All these problems may become the reason why the level of the recurrent pregnancy loss or miscarriages is very high today. However, one should not forget about the role of a man. It is essential to notice that some chromosome mutations in sperm can result in the impossibility to have a child.

As one can see, the causes of abortions can be rather different but the effects of them also play a major role in the health of the woman. These effects may include the increasing risk of getting the breath cancer, cervical cancer, uterine perforation, placenta previa, pelvic inflammatory disease that leads to the reduced fertility and lower general health (David C. Reardon, 2009). According to one research it has been estimated that in 29,9% of the aftermath an abortion leads to death, in 40,7 to infertility and in 29,4 to infection (Fieldwork 2008). Therefore, it is reasonable to find out that the aftermath of the abortion go for the physical and psychological conditions.


In conclusion one would like to say that making an abortion is considered to be a crime. Everybody is people and nobody has the right to murder another human being. Besides, having an abortion can cause problems with health. And it has been proved by different investigations.

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