Twitter Revitalization


Every business endeavor is often marred with a possibility of fall unless necessary revitalization measures are taken. Since its inception, Twitter has had immense growth. However, with advancement in technology and the rising on new entrance in networking sites, twitter risk falling into failure. The corporation needs to maintain and even expand its market share in the networking market. In order to avoid failure, Twitters needs to increase the frequency of its use, find new users, extend their brand offers, and reposition their brand.

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I. Twitter initiatives

To ensure that twitter never falls from failure is the increase in the frequency of use. To ensure that customers use twitter frequently, they should ensure that they make the application secure. Internet privacy is very crucial and is also dependent on the time people spend time socializing. Twitter should ensure that its internet security and privacy is enhanced and the application will see an increase in its usage. Additionally, the application should also ensure that it is more users friendly and that it consumes less data. If a social media application uses less data and is user friendly, many people tend to visit the site frequently. Twitter should focus on such issues to prevent it from failure. Additionally, twitter should ensure that it reduces the harassment of use issue to ensure more frequent use. Additionally, twitter should also ensure that it focuses more on its customer service. This service should be focused on all its brands and customers and that can increase its frequency use.

The second initiative is finding new uses. Twitter should ensure that it finds other aspects and use that it can communicate to its users. Such uses could include the integration of news, sharing video content instead of just posting peoples views and thoughts. Additionally, twitter should also focus on branded content. This should be undertaken by ensuring they come up with a technology that unites creators and brands to work together using the platform to advertise and market its products. This aspect would lead to brands and creators partnerships and this would make the platform flourish.

The third initiative is extending the brand. This should and could be achieved by increasing their focus. Not only just focused on individuals, twitter should be focused on brands. This could include aspects like branded content. When focusing on branded content, this not only focuses on one company, but various players. With the issue of branded content, the platform enhances the partnership of brands and creators. The blend of these two partnerships will lead to branded content that will be advertised and marketed using twitter. This is an aspect that will ensure that the platform does not fail.

The fourth initiative is repositioning the brand. This could include the use of personality insights. With the use of the personality insights, a brand can target individuals who are more probable to perform acts that could move them beside the sale funnel and nearer to a purchase. By promoting themselves to different aspects and forums, the company could attain more market and also more brands using the platform for advertising and marketing as well as news coverage and news content. Additionally, for the company to reposition, it must be willing to invest in change as repositioning needs investment and change.

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II. Marketing mix 7Ps of twitter

The first P of marketing is product. Twitter should ensure that it as a product, it should ensure that it incorporates different aspects or mix different aspects. This could include aspects like the incorporation of news and branded content. They should also ensure that twitter as a product should also focus on its customer service. Due to the issue of harassment issue, the customer service should be focused on helping resolve such issues. As a product twitter should ensure that internet privacy as a way of enhancing more frequency use. As a product, twitter should focus on its brand as being frequently used.

The second P of marketing is promotion. Promoting a business is very essential to marketing a brand. Twitter should ensure that it rebrands itself as a way of promoting itself. Twitter should ensure that it holds personal promotion so that it can gain more users. In regards to PR, twitter should ensure that it has a better way of handling its customers in a way that leaves the customers wanting more.

The third P of marketing is price. For pricing, twitter should impose friendly prices to companies and individuals. This will ensure that they have a payment plan that is flexible to all those who wish to post adverts using twitter. Additionally, twitter should ensure they come up with different payment methods that accommodate different companies and individuals. However, for price, twitter should also ensure that it offers discounts to its loyal and regular clients.

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The fourth P of marketing is place. Twitter should come up with a distribution option in regards to how it would meet more customers. These distribution options offer the experience of the product to customers. The company should ensure it comes up with a distribution access regarding how to access it at all times.

The fifth P of marketing is people. Twitter should understand that it is well informed of their target people. Building a brand should be focused on target people and their skills. Twitter should ensure that its builds on people as they are the shareholders and they bring profit. Building a brand means focusing on the target population and giving them what they need or a product that meets their requirements.

The sixth P of marketing is process. In regards to process, the customer service of twitter should be focused on ensuring that it offers the best services when conversing with them. Due to the increasing rate of harassment issue, customer service offered should be focused on the process that they handle the clients and the culprits to solve and settle the matter.

The seventh P of marketing is physical evidence. The online experience that individuals get from their service providers is very significant. Twitter should ensure that they create an experience that online users can enjoy. Additionally, twitter should also ensure that their website is great and user friendly and it has well trained staff.

III. Implementation plan of twitter

The plan of twitter is to incorporate branded content. The projection percentage is still zero as the plan is still being gauged on how effective it will be to the company. The status of the plan is on schedule as at the beginning of next year, the project should be commencing. The projection is aimed at starting on February 2018. The project should be completed after a two month period. The actual date of completion for the project plan is 1st April 2018. The task owner is twitter. The priority of the project is high as it will bring a lot of customers and sales are projected to rise after launching the plan.


With adoption of the abovementioned initiatives and the incorporation of the seven P of marketing, Twitter is able to survive any threats of failure. Implementation is often the key to every success. With the plan of incorporating branded content, twitter is likely to maintain and possible expand its market share.

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