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International development consulting is a relatively new sphere of providing services. Taking into account the currently developing economic sector of the world industry, it becomes clear that such consulting service is extremely in popular demand on the universal market of providing services.

International development consulting is performed by a group of professionals skilled in different areas of activity such as traffic and transport, energy and environment, regional and urban planning, private finance and privatization, social development and economics, education, human resources, ports, highways, roads and railway development, communication and information technology, tourism, civil works, bottom of the pyramid enterprises.

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Consultant professionals perform technical expertise and support both private enterprises and governmental establishments. The provided services can be performed in words format and also by means of projects developing and working on the ground. Consulting professionals perform management reviews, program management, and logistical support. It is not an easy thing to become a member of a development consulting company. The job seekers should meet a lot of requirements, such as perfect analytical skills, fluent foreign languages, advanced writing abilities, experience in management and business spheres, and sufficient knowledge of international affairs. At the same time, international development consulting companies provide their employees with a wide range of advantages, such as studying working and living in foreign companies, cultural awareness, obtaining of analytical skills and personal development.

Returning to the PADECO Co., Ltd, it is important to highlight their strong points. The business, in which this company is involved, can be considered as a sufficiently profitable one. The industrial world is developing with extreme speeds and, as a result, new and new questions arise. No one can answer these questions better than development consulting companies. Besides, being an international company, PADECO receives huge opportunities to receive orders from all industrially developed countries. As a result, multinational staff of professionals works in the PADECO Company. This fact is very beneficial and allows meeting all the cultural and national specific requirements of each client. A wide range of industrial and economic spheres brings another big advantage to this company. It is quite obvious that the more sectors a consulting company covers, the more is its rate among the competitors. The work, which is done by these professionals, is enormous and involves severe responsibility, but the results of such labor are unbelievably profitable and useful.

The PADECO Company covers a wide range of industrial and economic sectors providing them with practical and professional solutions and analysis and integrating the worldwide knowledge and experience. Aspects of risk management are reviewed by the PADECO Company at each stage of development. The PADECO Company provides a well-balanced system of successful implementations, educates human resources and fosters institutional capacity, consolidate responsibility of public administration, improves the international competitive performance of private sector, harmonizes industrial expansion and environmental preservation and create unique routes through progressive technologies. All the above mentioned activities of the PADECO Company can be doubtfully considered as the strong points of its business performance.

Here is what the President of PADECO says about their company: “Since 1983, PADECO Co., Ltd. has met or even exceeded the goals and expectations of its clients time and again. We are an international consulting firm with a worldwide network of offices and staff providing professional services from conception to completion. Our multinational staff combine extensive experience, technical and managerial skills, and versatility to provide the best solution to any need of our clients” (Motomura, 2013).

The PADECO Company owns its Web site which provides their customers with detailed information about all their former projects and future expectations. The Internet is a good advertising resource. Still, there are still some suggestions that could help to improve things in this company. For example, it could be a good idea to open an online order page. This will provide customers with a possibility to post their orders right through the Internet, which can speed the whole process of order acceptance and fulfillment. Implementation of just two or three on-line managers will substitute the whole regional office. This will not only save time and human resources, but financial resources, as well. Live chat is one more method to speed the work flow. Having a live operator online can decrease the number of unsolved questions and improve the system of data management. There are a lot of people who would like to experience the advantages of the PADECO Company and on-line access to consulting office will immediately improve the communication level between the company and its customers.

The next step, which could be a desired one, is to provide the company clients with a possibility to leave their comments online, vote for this or that project, express their positive opinions, and provide suggestions. The wide range of completed projects posted on the web site of the PADECO Company objectively misses regardful approvals of satisfied customers. Just a small bottom field for positive comments and suggestions could involve a lot of new customers and bring the PADECO Company to a new level of customers’ perception. All these improvements will bring the company closer to their customers and make them confident in the high level of PADECO services.

The web site of the PADECO Company only has its English version. Of course, English language is considered to be an international one, though it would be a great advantage if there would be present versions in other widely used languages, such as Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Russian, and Arabic. This will show PADECO’s respect to its clients and enlarges the worldwide interest to this company. Besides, there are missing some useful links and tips for those who are dealing with such kind of services for the first time. This function will make the work with the site easier and customers could find all the necessary information quickly and conveniently. Links to other useful and allied web sites will not only provide customers with new sources of useful information, but also will involve advertising investments and put the PADECO web site to the first page of searching engines. This is a good CEO addition.

Some social and charity projects posted online can attract attention of mass media and become an additional and rather strong source of advertising and customers encouraging. All these innovations can be considered as creative solutions, which are definitely a strong point of PADECO Company. The president of this company has recently expressed his idea about the company advantages. “Diverse projects call for creative solutions. Our client-focused and open attitude breeds flexible solutions in addressing today's most challenging problems by providing professional answers that are of universal excellence applicable to particular environment” (Motomura, 2013). Online displaying of photo and video podcasts reflecting the solutions developing and actual results will help to give an important visualization, which is currently extremely important for international customers.

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