The Nature of Ethics


Humans live as a social community, for peaceful coexistence they have defined ethical and moral obligations, as well as responsibilities. This instills the sense of respect and concern for one another. Ethics involves the study of right and wrong and their difference; also it is used to describe people’s beliefs on right and wrong conduct or behavior. It is applied in many aspects of our daily lives including behavior at our homes, at workplaces, in church, in business organizations, during public meetings etcetera. In this work, several ethical topics are discussed basing on my ethical opinion alongside the culture that emulates or disregards them.

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Social and domestic responsibilities

Most families grow and achieve their daily purpose through sharing of responsibilities. Some families share these responsibilities through assigning themselves specific tasks which are strictly performed by members of the families. For instance, cooking is only done by women, whereas activities such as construction are done by men. We are living in a more developed modern world that is experiencing rapid changes both in social and economic spheres; therefore, in my opinion, it is ethical to share responsibilities regardless of gender and age. More often we find ourselves in a dilemma of accomplishing some vital tasks that we are able to have done, but we feel that somebody else, even if he/she is absent ought to do that; thus it causes problems which could have been avoided.  A good example of a culture that supports my opinion is the American one with the majority that is Christian. On the other hand, the Arab culture strictly condemns assumption of work of men by women and vice versa.

Education and development

I believe each of us despite the race, gender or religion has the right to education and participation in economic development. It is, therefore, ethical to give all people equal chance to knowledge, self- actualization and economic independence. Traditionally many cultures disregarded this opinion, and only a few members of the community benefited, particularly the female; even though change of lifestyles has prompted the drop of these perceptions in China and India, other cultures, for example in Baganda of Uganda, still act against these opinion.


Communities need to put more concern on emerging ethical issues and respond aptly for the good of everyone. It is important to consider various topics of ethics to be able to understand the position of our cultures and, thereby, to model suitable ethics in all aspects that entail our lives.

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