Money is not Everything

Analysis of Advertisement (Money is not Everything)

Analyzing an advert is a progression of understanding the reason as to why the advertisement is meant to make its target market contemplate to buying the product or using the service being advertised. The advert “Money is not Everything” is supposed to encourage people to donate blood, and in such way, help to save lives. It is advertised as the flawless picture of the ways the product will benefit you, or the satisfaction one may possibly get after using the product (Pricken p 45). For instance, after donating blood someone may feel kindness and warmth evoked by the process of donating blood. In addition, one may feel proud for they have taken part in helping to save the life of someone.

I have chosen an advert on blood donation. I have selected this advert because of its message and its importance. This advert is meant to persuade people to donate blood, informing them that it is wrong to value money more than life.

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The manner in which someone understands an advertisement is usually contingent on what is happening in their life at the moment one sees the advert (Steel 103). For instance, in situation when one was in a serious accident and now needs blood, people tend to help in any way they can (Shonka p 65). In such a situation, when one sees an advert that encourages people to donate blood, they may feel the need to do so. Therefore, someone’s situation can be used to motivate people to donate blood or buy any other product that is been advertised (Steel 87). The “Money is not Everything” advert is meant to convey people that it is very important to donate blood.

In the modern world, advertisements have indeed turned out to be a part of everybody’s daily life routine. Advertisements are found almost everywhere we look: brochures, publications, TV commercials, automobiles, big boards, etc (Shonka). They expose people to the intriguing portraits, intense tunes as well as fancy videos. They diversify the universe with their originality.

The advert is done to persuade people to value their lives and those of other people more than money (Hua). The advert is meant to make people feel guilty for loving money more than their lives. People are dying in hospitals, since there is a lack of blood. This is because people are so busy looking for money that no one would give up an hour of his time to donate blood to help someone. The advert has a soft and interactive lighting that shows and leads people into contemplating about the blood donation service.

Blood donation is a service that can be provided by almost everyone for as long as they are fit and above eighteen years old. Therefore, the “Money is not Everything” advert is meant to persuade all people above eighteen years old to donate blood whenever they can to help save lives (Erwin 147). The advert targets all people around world. When one donates blood its more than simply blood that they are offering (Shonka 36).

The advert is really convincing that the statement “Money is not Everything” is literally true. The frame and size of the advert makes one feel the depth of the problem that lack of blood imposes and how it influences people that are in need of blood. Hospitals and patients from all over the world are every day requesting people to donate blood, this means that if one of them went to the hospital they would have to wait in line till the service could be performed (Hua 89). In such a situation, money cannot buy them blood, thus money is not really what they need.

Donating blood is a way of helping people, therefore, if people would take the initiative and one day they find themselves in a situation where they would also need blood, it would be easily obtained. This is due to the reason that when you help someone out, the person will be grateful and will do the same for you. The focus of the advert is on generating more blood and providing it to the hospitals.

The advert is focusing on the entire population of a country. The advert has to be expanded and advertised widely, since the outcome expected would have only been generated if the people who saw the advert go and donate blood. Blood donating is a service that is necessary for people worldwide, and no matter how much blood gets donated today blood still will be needed tomorrow.

The advert uses axial balance; the manner in which it is created and depicted is balanced in view plus the importance of the advert (Pricken 75). The advert has the capability of making people donate blood. The advert is arranged in such a way that one first sees and understand the meaning of the advert. Immediately, one contemplates on how many people would benefit if one donates blood. The conscious mind inspires one to feel the need and desire to help people in need.

Ethos: the advert creates an image of a person who is in pain and dying in minds of people, thus encouraging them to donate blood. The language used communicates to the entire human race that they value money more than life. Logos: “Money is not Everything” logo has no assumptions but a fact that cannot be argued upon. No single person can contradict this logo but many can never tell how this happened. This logo is true thus its extent of persuasion is expected to be high. Pathos: the advert makes people feel emotions that question their ethics, for instance the advert in question makes people feel guilty for not donating blood and valuing money more that things that are really important.

The advert tells us that people value money more than life. For most individuals in the contemporary free enterprise universe, money is the thing that people value in life most, and from time to time it is the only thing that measures their achievements in life. Money can purchase influence. This has lead people into believing that money is the main objective for every person.

The advert has a red cross symbolizing the importance of blood in saving lives. The cross means that people should realize the need for blood donating. The advert has a background that depicts a hand; one can certainly tell that this is a child’s hand. However, one cannot tell where the advert is taking place at. The advert is merely stating what happens, what people do in their daily lives, and what they value first, and that is money.

Blood donation is the service being offered. The need for blood donation stands as the necessity that Red Cross or hospitals in general try to inform people about (Hua 57). People know and familiarize themselves with the need of blood donation, but they at times are ignorant and do not acknowledge what it is that they value most. The role of this advert is to bring more people into donating blood.

On a sociological basis, the advert is displaying the manner in which people have stopped caring about each other; for many of them money comes first, followed by what money can do (World Health Organization 2). Economically, one can say that blood scarcity is a serious issue. A lot of patients do not have access to blood the moment they need it (World Health Organization 2). Of the projected eighty million units of blood contributed year after year universally, only thirty eight percent come from the industrialized world whereas eighty two percent of the entire world population lives there (World Health Organization 2). The deficit of blood has a serious negative impact on women with complications during pregnancy and labor, shock victims, as well as children with severe life intimidating diseases. Up to one hundred and fifty thousand pregnancy failures or miscarriage associated deaths could be evaded each time through blood donation and blood’s easy accessibility (World Health Organization 4).

Economically, lack of blood leads to an increase in the necessities for medical services, as well as the cultural upkeep needed to maintain the economy (World Health Organization 5). When people die due to loss of blood, it also leads to the loss of productive labor force, as well as decreased well-being of a society, in addition to social amenities (World Health Organization 5). The advert in question is meant to help people contemplate on the need for donating blood. An innocent child or any person who needs blood may die due to its lack, and it is our responsibility to donate blood and help those in need to get better. Additionally, the lack of blood has led to the development of illegal blood banks (Erwin 142).

The language used in the advert is making people know that they have to start donating blood. The language is standard; it tells people that there will always be a need for blood in the world. Blood is used to treat patients in situations when it is a matter of life and death. Therefore, we all should donate blood whenever we can. The demand for blood in the entire world is higher than the supply. This leads to the loss of many innocent lives. Blood is used to save lives; one may never know what tomorrow brings for him. Therefore, one should donate blood now, today when they can. The advert was rather persuading in its message to encourage people to donate blood.

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