Question one

Globalization is an interesting topic that has attracted different scholars to discuss its impact. Among the most interesting issues on globalization, the two that most interested me were its impact on food and film. The authors have done enough research and presented their work in an academic way. The presentation on the impacts of food on globalization clearly describes how globalization has impacted the food and nutritional industries. Additionally, the presentation uses case studies of various food stuffs and food preparation market have changed as a result of nutrition. In fact, people from all parts of the world have had a chance to exchange their foods and taste foods from other cultures. Similarly, the impacts of globalization on films also demonstrate how the film industry has developed as a result of globalization. There are many videos that have actors from all parts of the universe with an aim of passing a globalized message.

In contrast, the presentation in the impacts of globalization on food shows the positive impacts globalization has brought to the universe. People can now consume nutritious food groups which they were traditionally not consuming. On the other hand, the presentation on the impacts of globalization to the film also shows how some cultures have been eroded as a result of globalization. Some of the behaviors some people viewed as abomination has currently been eroded.

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Question two

There are several lessons to learn from the presentations on globalization. Firstly, every person has a different perspective on the impacts of globalization. Some people view globalization as a solution to most of the global problems as it has reduced the cost of transportation and made it easy to pass and receive information. Secondly, it is clear that globalization has brought about so many positive impacts on the globe after making the universe a global village. However, globalization also has some negative effects to the society such as eroding morals. Increased crime is also as a result of cyber bullying among others.

Question three

This quote is related to Thomas Friedman's general argument on globalization as it depicts globalization as a system characterized by an overarching feature of integration. In this view, globalization is a system in which opportunities and threats increase depend on whom an individual is connected to. According to Friedman, with regards to politics, globalization is the single most undervalued fact of the international relations. Currently, this is what has increased how people know each other.  Friedman pointed out that people start demanding the same thing after knowing each other’s lives. When people fail to get them, they get mad. Friedman argues that globalization has put shackles around every person in leadership all over the world today. Therefore, individuals can neither hide nor run.

Question four

Manning points out that dramatization requires more than one chronopitic relation for it to present the message intended effectively. Therefore, he argues that films should feature multi-chronopitic relations that are rein-scribed and rein-voice. This means that they should alter the rate or rhythm of regular dramas for the audience to remain entertained and focused.  In this case, globalization should enable movie designers to combine sounds, images, dramatization, narration and tone variation among other factors to ensure the targeted audience in all parts of the universe gets the message as it was intended. Manning uses three movies to describe the effectiveness of relations in film development. The presentations use multi-chronotopic in films and described their importance in narrating global films.

Question five

Globalization refers to an ongoing course by which societies, cultures and regional economies have become incorporated through the globe-spanning networks of trade and communication. The expression is sometimes utilized to refer to the economic globalization. The incorporation of states economies into the world’s economy via trade, capital flows, foreign direct investment, migration, and technology spread. However, this globalization is recognized for being driven by the combination of technological, social cultural, economic, political, and biological factor. The tomato article depicts Globalization from above as a situation where the Information Communication Technology tools are utilized. Governments and powerful corporations established technology elites to promote their class interests and corporate income and perpetuate exclusion. Globalization from below refers to the utilization of modern technologies by community based networks or the poor with an aim of interacting with their counterparts in all parts of the universe. With respect to food, the poor society and community based networks build bridges for food products exchange, trade and marketing.

Question six

From the bounce music to Mardi Indians to brass bands and second-line parades black recital backgrounds in the New Orleans has had an extended and evolving antiquity in the city, one with interesting relationships to the tourism. The conspicuous consumption of the New Orleans black traditions has, assumed heightened the visibility post-Katrina.

Perry has had double appointments in anthropology and Africans as well as Africans Diaspora study. Proceeding to turning his notice to the New Orleans, Perry analyzed Cuba’s changeover from revolutionary socialists to free-market capitalists via the vantage points of Cuban hip-hop songs. In the University of Texas thesis (2004) and a well-documented work recently submitted to the Duke University, Perry survey how hip-hop associated to social alteration in Cuba.

Question seven  

As the requirement of effective communication between businesses, global participant academic and politics has expanded in current decades. English has become the prevailing universal idiom in these areas. Language strategy scholars have noticed that, the swift spread of English can present a considerable risk to the linguistic assortment of the universe as most scholars have approximated that various as sixty percent of the universe’ languages can be vanished by the culmination of the twenty first century. This book argues that, the United States of America current posture in the arena of language education can add to this world language reduction by implementing an already muscular hegemony. Additionally, the article argues that, the neoliberal propensity to rely on the market-driven verdict is ill advised in the perspective of language policy.

Question eight

Southern California is one of the countries that experience globalization in high rates. There is enough development in technology that enables California to access people from all parts of the universe irrespective of the distance in geographical distance. Southern California produces surplus food that is exported to other parts of the universe. Additionally, the language used in California is known in all parts of the world. Therefore, it is possible to communicate with people from all parts of the world, thereby facilitating globalization. Similarly, there are various types of ethnic enclaves in Southern California that ensures that people from different ethnic groups are not discriminated on the basis of their ethnic background. The country also has various immigration streams that ensures people have an easy time when travelling to and from the region. Southern California has an international University that admits students from all parts of the world, encouraging and facilitating globalization.

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