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Nature has been defined in various concepts and approaches that are considered to be satisfactory to individuals or corporations. It has taken various themes and settings, each considered for its influence on the shape it takes and the way they are used by the consumers. However, with the escalation of the production units for various products, the concept of natural elements destruction has increased tremendously, which also has helped in the growth and development of more conservative campaigns that seek to maintain, if not restore the natural composition of nature. The development of products and goods in the current generation seeks to respect the natural existence and presence of materials with an effect on the growth and development of other elements. This is critical in the determination of the development and use of products and whether it is a threat to the environment. The media plays a role in the communication and development of the process leading to the publicity of roles corporations play in the development and achievement of these processes. Some of the examples are used in this paper that comprise the class examples and Tumblr projects that show the different concepts of nature and the use of these concepts in the production of products.

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Nature as a Brand

The increased pollution of the environment continues to affect various elements and processes leading to the inadequacy of resources and the lack of enough resources needed in the fulfillment of set goals. Industries, however, have embraced the different resources and materials in place to help in the development of more natural-friendly products that reduce the rate of pollution and the possibility of similar effects in the other regions that use or consider using their products. One of the industries that have had a major influence in adopting nature as a brand is the fashion industry. The fashion industry is leading with environment-friendly products that help maintain the environment. This is a campaign indicating the commitment of the industry to the development of resources or products that can help champion the same message to the other consumers. Three elements are considered in the development of the environmentally-friendly products for the fashion industry; economic sustainable, socially sustainable, and environment sustainable elements. Rather than concealing the information about the products, the companies producing these products highlight the components used in the production of the product and the differences they present as compared to the other products. Rather than disposing of the leftover pieces, they are used in creating other simple parts of a dress or cloth such as a collar. Some of these are then donated to countries in need.

Artificiality or Commodification

Disney is considered as one of the corporations that have considered creating their own artificial natural environment that can be manipulated or designed by individuals. Not much concern is given to the natural environment that can determine the extent, if not, the ways through which an individual can enjoy the environment. Nature, in this case, is used in the determination of individual goals and aims that satisfy the individual and not others. To the customers, the elements presented to them have an influence on the ways through which the concept of nature applies to them. Nature is presented in terms of personal designs, which distinguishes in many ways from the natural environment. To the outside world, nature is, therefore, the conception of an individual and the integration of personal conceptions. The design of nature is taken as a commodity that an individual can buy or purchase to meet the different elements that he or she considers of interest. Each element included in the ‘natural’ environment, artificially created, is a commodity considered as beneficial.

Rather than maintain or help those who do not know about nature know more, the artificially generated environment presents some of the issues that affect the conception of the idea that nature is a commodity. The creation of the environment as per the way an individual sees fit is a derivation of the natural elements or concepts that define what nature is all about. Conservation is derailed with the elements that could have been used in developing a more naturally aware culture portrayed as elements that could be used as commodities in the attainment of set goals.

As a commodity, nature provides food for consumption, which slowly is being replaced by artificial products. However, knowledge on the production and manufacture of foods is of importance in the determination of the type of foods consumed and the nutrient content or benefits they provide to the consumer. In the current generation, the supply and presence of fresh foods have been overtaken by other foods that are considered more effective and accessible by the consumers. Rather than fresh foods stores, there are liquor stores and fast food restaurants. Nature has been exemplified in the form of other elements that in parts have a low percentage of the natural elements needed for the growth and development of an individual. However, through branding and advertising, the substitutes of natural foods have been considered effective and more beneficial as compared to the natural elements. To the consumer, the misconception alters the natural outlook and appearance of a product, which affects the nature and concept of natural as an element of importance in the development of mores friendly environment. The consequence is the high consumption rate of the substitutes while the natural elements are wasted or thrown away. The increased rate of wastage accumulates to the percentage of food not used and the amount that cannot be replaced. As the same amount is being wasted, the consumer gets to experience a shortage in other resources since the environment exists as an interdependent component. Poor balance means an element among the many is strained to lead to the reduction of others. Wastage leads to pollution and pollution leads to the reduction of the natural environment. With time, the artificial settings are used as a way to restore the natural environment, which in part also is an issue since the natural environment destroyed cannot be restored to its natural status.

Nature as Landscape

Nature has also been considered in terms of the beauty and presence of particular elements that can be considered as of importance in defining the construct of a region. Natural experiences have an influence on the way people see and conceive what the environment presents to them. Photographs of the natural environment; that is the landscape, the mountain ranges, and the sea expresses the natural experience that the environment offers to an individual. Considering the benefits of interacting or being in the environment is used in the creation of campaigns towards the development of friendlier environment settings that offer the users a more interactive system that meets their demands. To the public, through the integration of a more serene environment, people get to appreciate what the environment offers them and can devise ways of maintaining the natural set-up.

As a landscape, nature also offers lessons to learn about the existence and absence of some elements and the importance of their presence in a region. Each element is used to define a role or influence of an individual or corporation. However, in an inhabited setting, the natural environment offers a more interactive set-up that is beneficial to recreation and the development of better lifestyles.

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