(a) Findings

  1. Arthritis contains over 100 conditions and diseases affecting joints, connective tissues and surrounding tissues.
  2. Arthritis is a common chronic disease whose symptoms affect one of every three citizens in Maryland.
  3. Arthritis causes disability and has limited daily activities of over 7,000,000 people in the country.
  4. There are several myths that arthritis affects the old people. However, arthritis is a multi-generational condition affecting people of all ages and sexes.
  5. Arthritis in Maryland has affected the patients as they suffer pain and disability. Additionally, it also affects care givers and family members who use a lot of time and resources to cater for the treatment (Philbin, & Miller, 2010).
  6. About $86,000,000,000 is utilized annually in the country in the treatment, and care of arthritis patients. This affects social and economic status in the country.
  7. The challenge in Maryland is ensuring delivery of underutilized and effective interventions that are significant in the reduction and prevention of arthritis-related disability and pain (Neuberger et al., 2012).
  8. Despite the fact that there is a lot of public programs and information concerning arthritis, there is insufficient and inadequate dissemination in addressing the needs of the patients living with arthritis.
  9. Several organizations and foundations such as Arthritis Foundation, National Arthritis Action Plan and center for disease prevention and control have responded to this challenge (Goeppinger & Lorig, 2009). 
  10. It is important to educate the health and public care community concerning arthritis as it affects and infects all populations.
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(b) Purpose of the project

  1. To initiate and nurture a national wide program that will increase knowledge and promote about arthritis, its causes, prevention, early diagnosis, appropriate management, and pain management and prevention
  2. To enhance understanding and develop knowledge of arthritis by publicizing educational resources and information on services provided and research results
  1. To provide knowledge on the control and prevention of arthritis through research, epidemiology and surveillance
  2. To use training and educational services and resources developed by experts 
  3. To assess the importance of improving the accessibility and quality of community-based services for patients with arthritis
  4. To intensify awareness concerning causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of arthritis among states, policy makers, health providers and professional and all citizens
  5. To coordinate and implement local and state services and programs to lessen the arthritis burden on health public
  6.  To fund the arthritis prevention program on a national level
  7. To provide permanent developments in the provision of health care for patients with arthritis.

    Arthritis Control, Cure and Prevention Project

The Department of Public Health will establish, maintain and promote an Arthritis Control, Cure and Prevention Project to educate consumers, raise public awareness and educate service providers, teachers and health professionals. The program will have the following elements.   

1. Needs assessment. Assessment will be conducted to recognize the following

a) Epidemiological researches conducted in the nation

b) Accessible educational programs and materials and technical assistance nationwide

c) Arthritis public and professional awareness.

2. Advisory Association on Arthritis: this council will offer a non-governmental contribution concerning the Arthritis cure, control and prevention program (Boult & Altmann, 2011).  

3. Public awareness: this department will raise knowledge and public awareness on arthritis

4. Technical assistance: this will organize a pilot program that will fund the project in the following activities: physical activity, screenings, professional education, public education, awareness campaigns and surveillance programs (Hirano, 2012).

(c) Evaluation

In coordination with the selected grantees, the Department of Public Health shall assess the achievement of the community health project and its consequences. The department will perform the following activities in the evaluation: 

1. Provide sufficient personnel to implement and manage the Arthritis Cure, Control, Prevention and Program.

2.  Provide suitable training for the personnel of the Arthritis Control, Cure and Prevention Program.

3.  Distinguish the suitable organizations to manage and carry out the programs.   

4. Base the performance on the most contemporary scientific findings and information.

5. Work to improve and increase community-based amenities available to patients with arthritis, as well as their family members (Yelin & Callahan, 2005).

6. Operate with national voluntary and governmental offices health organizations, their local chapters, community organizations, business leaders, community, human services and health care providers to maximize and coordinate efforts State properties in the areas of education, detection, prevention, treatment and pain management of arthritis.

7.  Classify and use proof-based arthritis systems and obtain interconnected services and materials from companies with appropriate knowledge and expertise of arthritis.

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