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Information Management Design

Financial indicators are the absolute values that characterize the creation and use of financial resources in an organization Read more

The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company forms a conglomerate that is well known in the whole world for its products in the entertainment and the mass media. The company is basically American, with its headquarters in California. In terms of revenue, Walt Disney comes second worldwide after Comcast in the media industry. Apparently, these statistics have positioned Walt Disney as a company with high competitive advantage. Read more

The UK Housing Affordability

The recent Brexit has been thoroughly attributed to cause the housing affordability crisis for the UK market as a whole. The political and overall social instability and uncertainty resulted into the controversial housing-related trends and concerns among a variety of stakeholders in the field. Read more

Negative Influences of Holidays in Adults

This study examines the negative impacts of holiday celebrations on adult individuals. The research reviews eight studies on winter holidays and their impact on young adults, middle age people, elderly citizens, males and females before, during, and after the celebration of Christmas, St. Valentines, and St. Patricks Day. Read more