Analysis Category

Advertising for Children

Children are a tasty morsel for many advertisers. Not only are they easily swayed by advertising, but they are great at encouraging parents to buy them cherished products. Observe a child and parent in a store. Read more

Blood Transfusions and Donation

Millions of people all over the world donate blood to save the people`s lives and to help the ill people to overcome their diseases. However, the representatives of certain religious groups may refuse from the blood donation and blood transfusion operation due to their beliefs. Read more

Are self-driven cars safer than human-driven cars?

Self-driven vehicles are no longer a fantasy. The first test samples of autonomous cars have already gone beyond the closed landfills. Read more

Domestic Violence

The research paper focuses on the issue of domestic violence on children and the consequences it has on the future development of society. Read more

Mao Zedong's Experience of Long March

Socialist theorists explain the victory of revolution by the general proletarian struggle. In the second half of the 20th century, no revolution could win in that way. Read more

Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunt

Dolphin hunts are often described as cruel and horrendous acts. The process of hunting dolphins involves herding them into a cove, after which they are either selected alive to be sold to aquaria and theme parks to entertain humans or slaughtered for human consumption. Read more