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Dissertation writing is a quintessence of your academic journey. As soon as you obtain your Doctor of Science degree, you will be able to start building your successful career. You have to understand that either the Master`s or Ph.D. degree will increase your chances to find a prestigious job in your preferred field. At the same time, a dissertation is the most challenging and effort-consuming project in your academic career. It is because this lengthy document has to be based on thorough academic research. For many undergraduates, dissertation writing may turn into a torture as they lack sufficient expertise or time.


Those students, who are struggling with their dissertation projects, ought to consider cooperating with a professional writing service. If you are interested in dealing with a trustworthy writing companion, we recommend you place an order at Essays-service.com. This decision will not only help you turn in a well-written thesis but will also save you from stress and anxiety. Our dissertation writing company offers efficient solutions to various academic problems you may encounter during your studies. When you are dealing with our team, you do not need to worry about anything as we are committed to your success. We guarantee that you will never regret your decision to order dissertation online at our service!

Structure of a Dissertation

When it comes to writing a thesis, you need to devote enough time to planning and structuring your work. To make your paper look perfect, you have to take care not only of its content but also of its structure and formatting.

Due to the lack of dissertation writing experience, you may fail to understand how to structure the paper. As a result, it may lead to getting an unsatisfactory outcome. Luckily, you may relax because the proficient experts working at Essays-service.com prepared a detailed guide. It will help you figure out the main parts of your dissertation project. Regardless of the discipline or the subject being investigated, your dissertation structure is to be as follows:

  1. Title Page

The very first part of your paper ought to include the title of your project, your name, the title of your educational institution, as well as submission date. In some cases, this page may include your supervisor’s name and your university’s logo. Most probably, your department will let you know how to format your title page.

  1. Acknowledgments

It is a brief section where you have to express your gratitude to those people who have supported you during the research and writing processes. Acknowledgments can be both personal and professional.

  1. Abstract

An abstract is a summary of your thesis in which you need to outline the main issues discussed in your project. The main goal of your abstract is to introduce your project to the audience.

  1. Table of Contents

To make your thesis easy to navigate, you need to include a detailed table of contents. With the help of Microsoft Word features, the table of contents ought to move the readers automatically to the specific section.

  1. List of Tables and Figures

If you include many tables and figures in your document, you need to add them to a numbered list. It is easy to do with the help of the Caption feature in Microsoft Word.

  1. List of Abbreviations

In this section, you need to include all the abbreviations used in your dissertation along with what they represent in the alphabetical order.

  1. Glossary

In case your paper includes highly specialized words that may be unfamiliar to your readers, you may need to add a glossary section in your dissertation. Make sure to list the terms alphabetically and explain each term with an appropriate definition.

  1. Introduction

In dissertation writing, an introduction refers to your initial hypothesis. This section usually ends with an explanation of the dissertation structure, but it does not focus on the results and conclusion.

  1. Literature Review

A literature review section is very important since it enables you to give credit to all the authors whose works you have used in your research. In this chapter, you need to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches of other scholars. Once the gap in existing research is identified, you may suggest your own analysis of the problem.

  1. Methodology

Your methodology chapter has to explain the ways you are planning to conduct your research. Also, you need to mention the type of research, the methods you will use for data collection, limitations, as well as justification of your choices. To meet your research goals, your methodology section ought to be convincing and comprehensive.

  1. Results

In the results part, you need to highlight the results obtained with the help of the methods used. When working on this section, you need to avoid including speculative or subjective statements.

  1. Discussion

In this chapter, you have to dig deeper into your findings and evaluate them considering the previous theories, studies, and ideas.

  1. Conclusion

In the concluding part of your project, you have clearly to answer your research question(s). To make your conclusion look powerful, you ought to explain scrupulously what you did and how you did it to your target audience. What is more, your conclusion has to include recommendations for further research. It is very important to familiarize your readers with how your findings contribute to the particular research field.

  1. Reference List

It is a list of all the sources you have used when writing your thesis. When working on the reference list, you need to make sure it is formatted in accordance with the style indicated in your prompt.

  1. Appendices

This section may include surveys, questionnaires, and transcripts that are necessary for understanding your dissertation project.

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How Long Should a Dissertation Be?

Before you start working on your dissertation, you want to figure out its length. In fact, there is no certain answer to this question as the length of a thesis depends on various factors, including the discipline, analysis type, the area of research, etc. At the Undergraduate level, you will need to write 10.000-12.000 words. At the Master`s level, you are to write 15.000-25.000 words, whereas the Ph.D. level requires writing 50.000+ words.

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How Long Does It Take to Write a Dissertation?

Since the dissertation is a lengthy and important project, you may work on it for the whole final year of your study. In case you are working on a Ph.D. Level thesis, this process may comprise about 18 months.

Based on our experience, the process of dissertation writing usually takes somewhere between 6-18 months. During this time, the student has to pay ultimate attention to all the main sections of a dissertation. If you are not ready to spend so much time writing your thesis, you may buy dissertation online at our trusted service.

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Dissertation Writing Tips

Writing a good-looking thesis is not an easy task. Before you cross the finish line, you will need to spend a considerable amount of time on the researching, planning, writing, and editing stages. If you are willing to facilitate this process, you may consider our efficient tips provided below:

  • Choose your research question carefully. It is vitally important to choose a meaningful and engaging topic for your thesis since it will affect the entire writing process. We strongly recommend you choose the subject that fits your research interests. If you lack appropriate ideas, you may do some preliminary research by studying the recent academic journals, course materials, or other sources that will boost your writing inspiration;
  • Write the introductory part last. If you do not want to get stuck on writing your introduction, you need to compose it after the other sections are ready;
  • Edit your first draft. You have to accept the fact that the first draft is never perfect. To make it shine, you need to edit it carefully paying close attention to all mistakes with content, structure, and formatting;
  • Follow the guidelines. Before you start working on your thesis, your supervisor will provide you with detailed instructions that you need to follow. Your task is to write a paper corresponding to the requirements;
  • If you got stuck on one section, move to another. Panic won’t help you achieve the desired outcome. If you are unsure how to write some sections of your work, focus on others. In a couple of days or weeks, you will definitely figure out how to write the section that puzzled you. Alternatively, you may ask your supervisor to help you find the right direction;
  • Revise your work thoroughly. To turn in a brilliant paper, you need to revise it many times at a number of levels. Pay attention that the editing process may take a considerable amount of time, so you cannot leave it until the last week. When editing your document, pay close attention to the formatting style you are to follow as it is an important aspect of the grading rubric.

By following our suggestions, you will understand what makes a good dissertation. Yet, if you do not want to struggle with this challenging project by sacrificing your personal life, you can buy a dissertation paper at our trusted writing service. This decision will turn out to be very rewarding since our seasoned experts have advanced experience in dissertation writing.

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