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Writing book reports is not as easy as one would imagine. Instructors want far more than a simple summary of the plot or the author’s points and positions. Students tend to look for an online book report, find a cheap price source, and then try to massage the content into their own words. This never works! However, has the best solution, for it can offer professional book reviews that are written with the specific assignment instructions from the customer. Students buy book reports from us that are customized for their needs and each one is written uniquely for only one customer.


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Before you find out how to write a high-quality book report, you need to understand the main differences between a book review vs book report. In its essence, a book report is a written description, presentation, or review of the manuscript that summarizes the reader`s experience. This paper is similar to a book review, but it mainly focuses on a manuscript summary instead of its evaluation. An excellent report ought to describe what occurred in the story. Its main focus is on the plot, key ideas, characters, etc.

Unfortunately, the majority of students fail to comprehend the difference between book reports and book reviews. In many cases when students get unsatisfactory grades for their reports is because they actually submit reviews. Speaking about the key differences between these papers, it is worth noting that a report is a more primitive form of academic writing. When working on a report, you are ought to retell the story without analyzing it. Let us help you find out some other critical differences:

  • Word count. Book report assignments range from 200 to 250 words, whereas a review may be written in 1000+ words. The length of the review usually depends on the complexity of the manuscript being analyzed;
  • Purpose. A book report discusses the story`s plot, characters, main themes, etc. A book review includes the personal writer`s opinion about the manuscript;
  • Academic level. While a review is a college-level type of assignment, a report is a K-12-level task.

If you are a modern student, you cannot avoid writing book report projects. The main goal of this task is to ensure your understanding of literature. Such assignments help students improve their analytical skills, as well as provide them with an accurate perception of literature. Most probably, your professor will provide you with detailed guidelines to adhere to when working on this task. Yet, if you are not sure how to deal with your book report assignment, you have to keep reading our guide.

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How to Write a Book Report?

A book report writing task enables you to improve your skills. Most probably, your professor will provide you with a detailed guideline to work with. Yet, let us provide you with some common suggestions that will facilitate the writing process. To submit a high-quality paper, you have to ensure it has consistency and expresses your ideas clearly. Also, it has to be logically structured. To save you from looking for good examples available online, let us provide you with the common outline for book report. It will help you understand what the major parts of this document are.

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Cover Page for Book Report

The cover page of your paper has to indicate the title and author of the manuscript. You need to put the title toward the top of your cover page, centered. In the next line, ensure that you indicate the author`s name. Other information that may appear on your cover page includes the publisher, the date of publication, as well as the number of pages.


Your paper has to begin with an attention-grabbing introductory paragraph. This paragraph has to include the essential information of the manuscript, as well as the comments about why you have chosen this particular work.

Main body

The main body is the lengthiest part of your report in which you need to add as many details as necessary to uncover the main elements. Usually, this part includes three paragraphs in which you present the plot, main characters, and a summary. Let us focus on these parts:

  • Summary. You need to include a broad overview of the manuscript. In particular, you need to indicate the time period, plot, and main characters. Also, in this paragraph, you need to tell about the overall atmosphere of the work and the tone chosen by the author. To reach the best outcome, you need to summarize the story in a clear and concise way;
  • Characters. After you have provided the summary of the book, you need to describe the main characters of your story, as well as explain how they interact with each other;
  • Plot. In this paragraph, you need to summarize the sequence of the events that make up a story. When discussing the plot in your report, you need to focus on the most important events.


The concluding paragraph of your document has to summarize the main issues conveyed in your work. In your conclusion, you may share the things you have learned from the book, the plot twists that impressed you most of all, as well as explain why you loved the work. Also, you may tell about whether you would recommend this book to anyone and explain your position.

Now that you know what the main parts of a book report outline are, you may start working on your paper. We do hope that our suggestions will help you create a high-quality book report. If you were asked to work on this assignment, you just need to take into consideration our recommendations. Just add creativity to the writing process and you will impress the most demanding tutor!

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MLA Format Book Report

If you were not asked to keep to a specific formatting style, you ought to consider taking your work to the next level applying the MLA format. This format is widely used in book report writing. As for the common requirements of the MLA style, one has to mention Times New Roman 12 pt. font, one-inch margins on all sides, the absence of a title page, etc.

If you were asked to use this style but you are not sure how to do it right, feel free to order book report writing services at Our competent and experienced writers have advanced experience in writing reports of different kinds. No matter what formatting style you want us to follow, we will take care of your request as meeting your expectations is our priority.

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