Writing a Descriptive Nature Essay

Virtually every essay, including a nature essay, is filled with different ideas and these are usually placed in specialist sections. Additionally, short essay papers have a set structure, which usually comprises of an introductory section that sets out the main argument and any counterarguments, some body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. An introductory paragraph is usually the starting section of an essay while the concluding paragraph is always at the end. The main body paragraphs, however, do not generally have any fixed place in a written piece. The writer’s counterarguments, for example, may be contained within any given paragraph, as the starting point of an argument, as a standalone section, or immediately preceding the concluding paragraph. In most cases, background information is located at the start of a text, often between the introductory section and the analysis. Alternatively, it could be located near the start of a given section if or when it is appropriate to place it there.

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Decide on a Topic

Developing an essay about nature, or at least one that will hopefully bring an A grade, is a more detailed and complex process than many people might at first imagine. A written piece needs to be insightful, meaningful, and accurate. It should be designed to intrigue and fascinate readers much like the wind spurs the clouds to create a spectacular autumn day. Readers should be charmed by what you have written; it should arouse such emotion and create such an impression that they cannot resist reading the full text to the end. Essay writers should not be sloppy in the way they handle their chosen topic. In most cases, research is not necessary; however, it is the writer’s task to create a compelling piece.

Getting Started On a Nature Essay

Once it has been decided you will write an essay about nature, it is advisable to think about narrowing your topic down to the precise aspect you intend to address. After this, you should try to develop a mental image of the scene you want to create and devise an appropriate method for making your description as vivid and picturesque as you possibly can. A great aspect of a descriptive essay is that you have endless options in terms of what you can write about. You are free to use metaphors, tropes and any other literary devices that seem appropriate. The main objective is to make sure your readers can picture the thing you are attempting to describe as if he or she were looking at the actual thing themselves. When you have written your nature essay, try looking at what you have written from your readers’ perspective. In the event you are unable to picture the described item, it is likely something will need to be changed.

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Tips on Writing the Main Body Paragraphs for a Nature Essay

Suppose, for example, you are writing a human nature essay or an essay about the nature of planet earth. You should introduce the main idea for each body paragraph in the form of a topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph. You should then provide a number of descriptive or fact-based sentences to support that idea. A large portion of the body paragraphs should be made up of your analysis of the topic. It is permissible to add as many body paragraphs as are needed to get your points and/or ideas across. The topic sentence for each paragraph will be influenced by the structure of the notes in the outline you created for your essay.

Nature accounts for some of the most breathtakingly beautiful scenes on the planet we inhabit – Earth. Every aspect of nature is a friend to the human race because it provides the resources for us to survive. It provides us with food, clean drinking water, fresh air, plants, animals, land, and every type of nourishment we need. It is vital, therefore, we make optimum use of nature’s offerings without harming the planet or tipping the ecological scales. Humans have a collective obligation to look after the environment so as not to risk the survival of the generations to come.

In your essay on nature, you may want to devote a paragraph to explaining how we humans see and enjoy every aspect of nature. Each one of us is aware of the changes and evolution occurring around us; we feel in everywhere and we hear and read about it. It is important each one of us take advantage of everything nature offers. This could involve going for a walk in the mornings or evenings to breathe in the fresh air and experience the beauty around us. Nature alters in beauty during the day. At sunrise, we are faced with glowing orange and this then turns to a yellowish hue. When sunset arrives, we are surrounded by a darker orange and then complete darkness.

Tips on Concluding a Nature Essay

In a “relationship between humans and nature essay,” it is almost impossible not to consider the beauty of our earth and how it provides all the nourishment we need. Consequently, it is our responsibility to consider the question of sustainability. We need to make sure our environment’s originality is maintained by achieving the right balance in the ecosystem. Mother Nature provides us with a beautiful place to live and with the benefits of all her awesomeness. We are responsible, therefore, for looking after the environment and ensuring we leave everything in good order for the next generations.

Revision Tips

Writers should not be shoddy in the way they handle their topic, nor can they afford to be. The content will not require you to undertake any research, but you should aim to produce an irresistible piece.

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Sample Essay Outline

Title: An Essay on Nature

Introductory Paragraph

  • Sentence or statement to “hook” readers
  • Essay’s purpose
  • Essay’s thesis sentence or statement

Essay’s Aims/Purposes

  • Introduce the topic or story to readers
  • Topic statement
  • Summarization of story’s main points

Body Paragraphs: Sets out ideas to defend essay’s purpose(s)

  • First body paragraph
  • Second body paragraph
  • Third body paragraph

Concluding Paragraph:

This is a restatement or rewording of thesis statement and summarization of main points/ideas

  • Restate or reiterate essay’s purpose
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