Overcoming Challenges Essay Writing

Defining an Overcoming Challenges Essay

An overcoming challenges essay is an essay that sets a problem and offers some possible actions to overcome the issue in focus. Sometimes students confuse the main idea of the essay thinking that they have to discuss their experience of some complicated situation. However, such a position is wrong because the main idea of an essay on overcoming obstacles is to show your intelligence and skills to overcome the problem in focus. Writing an essay on overcoming challenges, an admission committee waits that you will offer the solutions, some creative means of resolving an issue, and logical information to make it interesting to read.

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Even though colleges offer prompts on how to write overcoming challenges essays, those may be confusing. If you want to see a perfect essay and increase your chances during an application, you should buy an essay from our custom writing company. We are ready to assist you by means of providing a unique essay on any topic including overcoming challenges issues. However, if you wish to write an essay yourself, check the following tips developed by our top writers.

Writing an Overcoming Challenges Essay: Expert Hints

  • Develop a good title. Overcoming challenges should never be a topic of your essay. You must develop a narrow topic that reflects the main idea of your writing. Mention the problem of a creative resolution in your title to make it specific and related to your essay.
  • Create an outline that will help you see the structure of your essay. The structure is an important aspect of writing an essay. If you want to make your essay visible, you should properly consider each element of your essay. The essay should consist of the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. The introduction should focus on the problem itself. The audience should get acquainted with the issue. The main body may consist of several paragraphs depending on the length of your paper. Here you put the ways of how you may overcome the challenges you have come across. It is a good idea to offer a smaller aspect of the obstacle resolution in each new paragraph. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence to highlight the point you are going to discuss further. Your conclusion should summarize the main aspects of your paper. You need to stress the most creative resolution to the obstacle. Remember that no new information should be added to the conclusion.
  • Focus on the right things. When writing an essay on overcoming challenges, you may become involved in discussing people and events while overcoming challenges is more about your feelings and thoughts. When writing an essay you should constantly remain focused on the issue you discussed. It is a major problem many students come across when they deviate from the issue trying to fulfill the word count. Think about the content, not about the length of your essay. However, if the university or college requests some specific word count, you need to follow it. Anyway, content values more than the number of words.
  • Conclude with a statement of what you have learned after you have overcome an obstacle. A reader should not have any questions regarding the solution you have used to overcome a problem. You may directly write the following, “the situation on the discussion has taught me the following…”. The Conclusion is important because readers may not get your point in the essay and may wish to ensure that their understanding of the issue is clear enough through the conclusion.

An Example of an Overcoming Challenges Essay

The ideas on how to write an essay and the tips offered above may help you complete your task successfully. However, if you still have doubts, we are sure that the example offered below may be of great use for you.

Overcoming an Obstacle

Life is full of challenges, which represent the difficult side of success achievement. Success can be challenging when there are different obstacles on its way. My personality went through the diversity of fears and problems on the way to the one I am today. In general, it is possible to say that I am grateful for every challenge, which helped me to become a person I am today.

One of the main problems I had in my life is a fear of public speaking. It is one of the typical problems, which people may face. It was hard to imagine myself speaking in front of hundreds of people listening to every word I say. This fear made me forget every word of my speech and it became impossible to gain confidence. In everyday life, there were no difficulties in communication. However, it was impossible to walk on stage and perform with the same confidence in front of many people.

The problem became the main obstacle on the way to the development of appropriate set of skills and experiences in order to become a personality able to integrate into the social segment without any challenge. There were many psychological techniques, which helped to overcome a fear of public speaking. Trainings in front of the mirror helped to gain confidence and learn the speech by heart. It helped to see myself from the side and understand that there is no need to feel fear in front of hundreds of people listening to the speech. In addition, there were home-based trainings, which helped to extend the audience in a systematic way and promote an overall confidence in brining the flow of information to the public without hesitation.

Today, I am a confident person, who does not need even to prepare a speech in order to speak to the public. Overcoming an obstacle helped me to see that challenges are only helping to gain confidence in personal actions. I opened the new side of my personality, which helped me to improve my communicative skills.