How to Write a Scholarship Essay to Astonish the Committee

A properly written scholarship essay should reflect writer’s personal style and provide valuable information about the author’s life. Adding a personal touch to your paper is a fundamental aspect of producing such work. Thus, you will be able to create a fascinating paper attracting the board’s attention.



Preparing a Scholarship Essay

In order to understand how to write a scholarship essay, you need to read the essay question attentively. Sometimes, prompts are rather provocative and it can be hard to define the topic you need to cover.

Below, there is a good example of the essay question:

  • If one wants to gain a scholarship, it is necessary to write a superior essay 400-500 words in length. Your piece of writing should properly explain why you are a good business leader. Answer the following questions:
  1. What qualities help you be a great business leader? State in what situations you show your qualities.
  2. What career ambitions do you have?
  • Analyze the words “leader,” “success,” and “inclination” to show a logical connection between them. Add such words as “you” and “extraordinary” to the abovementioned list.
  1. What do you strive for?
  2. What makes you an extraordinary leader?
  3. What impressive achievements can you represent?

When preparing a scholarship essay, your task is to persuade readers to give you sponsorship money. You need to prove that you are the very person that deserves financial support for a particular project more than other applicants.

After defining the subject you need to examine, you are to determine the way you will do it. If to refer to the afore-mentioned example, your task is to explain what being a leader means. State what steps you have taken to become a leader. Did you achieve positive results? However, you should not talk about yourself as a leader only. If the task is to describe your career, tell readers what you are aimed at. When creating your paper, it is required to restate the topic presented in the essay question to show you fully understand it.

Do not you know how to start a scholarship essay? You should make a strong statement which you will develop throughout the paper. Thus, you will be able to demonstrate that you are well aware of the matter you are exploring.

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Creating a Top Quality Paper

A good piece of writing definitely differs from the terrible one by the way it is written in. Remember that your work has to make the reader desire to sponsor you for your projects. You need to be confident of success when writing your paper. Thus, you will be able to depict yourself as a person who has clear goals and knows how to achieve them. If you are sure you are moving in the right direction, write about what or who has influenced your choice. In case, you still hesitate about what career to choose, write about your plans for future.

Scholarship Essay Demonstrating Your Strong Points

Writing a paper about what you deserve can be difficult. The thing is that there are probably many people who may deserve sponsorship more than you. However, if you are aware of the peculiarities of the writing process and know how to format a scholarship essay, you will manage to compose an exceptional work superior to those of others. Remember that it is essential to properly explain why you are better than other candidates.

Rules to Follow when Writing a Scholarship Essay:

  • Talk about your experience in the form of narration.
  • Create an outline. Highlight the points you are going to discuss in your paper.
  • Find out some information about the establishment you are applying to. Check whether you meet the standards established by the chosen institution.
  • Present yourself as a successful person. Talk about the difficulties you had to overcome to become the strong person you are today.
  • Use different computer programs to check your piece of writing for grammar and spelling. It is also useful to ask someone to read and edit your essay. The best option is to ask several people to proofread your work to be sure it is clear and contains no mistakes.
  • Provide good examples to support your statements about why you deserve a scholarship.
  • Adhere to the given guidelines and examine the scholarship essay question in detail.
  • Be specific. Write in simple sentences. Express your thoughts clearly.
  • Do not use unknown words as it may cause some inconsistencies. You may be confused with the meaning of the word and do not know how to use it properly.
  • Avoid making general statements. Make your paper personal.
  • It is not worth beginning your essay with a quotation. It is an inefficient means of starting a paper of such kind. The best way is to write a paper in your own words.
  • A scholarship essay should not be started with such words as “In this paper, I am going to …” Such transition words as “to summarize,” “first, I will describe…” should not be used as well.
  • Do not duplicate your resume. Make your essay an exclusive one.
  • Do not say you urgently need money. You should realize that there are people who are in need of money more than you. Produce your work in the way that will make the committee want to give you money.

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Concluding an Essay

Writing a proper conclusion is as important as producing a scholarship essay outline. You need to restate and sum up the main points of your work. You should keep in mind that a conclusion is an essential part of your paper. Thus, you need to strive mightily to make it appealing. There are different ways of concluding your piece of writing. Draw your attention to the following tips:

  • Repeating ideas. If you have presented a particular idea in the introductory section, you can mention it in the conclusion again. It will help you achieve the desirable effect. Consider the following example: 
  1. Introduction: In my childhood, I adored helping poor animals that were living on the streets.
  2. Conclusion: If my dream comes true and I become a veterinarian, I will be able to save many miserable animals.

Such way of writing your paper will make readers participants of your story. As a result, it will be more interesting for them to read your work.

  • Using the Future Tense. When discussing different scholarship essay questions, it is sometimes worth using the Future tense. For example, if you are talking about your past experience, writing a conclusion in the Future tense will help you show how you will apply the lessons learned from your mistakes in the future. Below, there is an example of the last sentence of a scholarship essay:
  1. I am going to apply the knowledge gained in the marketing area to carrying out my business project.
  • Reflecting ideas. Writing a conclusion in this way is suitable for essays describing one’s strong and weak points. For instance, “Though dealing with injured animals was rather risky, I gained considerable experience. Now, I know how to examine and clean wounds.”

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Formatting a Scholarship Essay

When writing your paper, be sure to stick to the provided formatting guidelines. Follow the rules presented below:

  • Make the text double-spaced
  • Set 1” margins on all sides
  • Apply 12 Times New Roman font
  • Begin every paragraph with an indent
  • On the top left side, indicate your last name and a page number (for long papers).

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