How to Start an Essay about Myself

Often, when college students are tasked with writing essays about themselves, most of them do not take the task seriously. It is easy to make the mistake of thinking you know yourself inside out or that college-level students will never be asked to write an essay of this type. Yet, many students learn, often in the form of a hard lesson, that these essays serve an important purpose.

Indeed, a biography essay about myself is quite important and usually applicable to real-life situations. Any student, for instance, who wants to apply for a grant or scholarship is likely to be required to provide a description of themselves and usually an explanation as to why they are worthy of such an opportunity. Other examples of where an essay about oneself may be required include applying for places at college or for jobs. Here, the important point is that writing about oneself is equally as important as being tasked with, say, writing an argumentative or persuasive essay.  

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Where to Begin the Process of Writing about Oneself

The process of producing a worthwhile “describing myself essay” can be a challenge, not least because there is usually a great deal to say. This is especially true when a college place or scholarship is at stake. Generally speaking, people have a great deal to say when they are given such an opportunity and, in fact, this too can create something of a problem. The fact is that writing about a topic where there is a lot of information can present issues for the writer, particularly when they are attempting to write the introductory part. In most cases, the writer is advised to identify a particular angle and focus their research on this angle. Nevertheless, an essay about oneself is still a considerable challenge since, for the most part, almost every writer is inclined to write everything they can think about in respect of themselves. Despite the challenges, however, essays like this should not be too problematic a task.

Below are a few tips for writing an essay about myself:

  • Make a note of some of your most notable qualities e.g. your most interesting experiences, your background, your family, your best achievements, your hobbies and interests, and so on.
  • Narrow your topic down in scope. You are likely to collect a lot of information in the first stage. Yet, it is not reasonable to focus on every detail. Hence, you should choose a single area and focus on this while providing a detailed description of yourself.
  • Begin with basic or simple information regarding yourself e.g. your age, name, your occupation, and the reasons why you are doing what you are doing.
  • Be modest. Although you may have achieved many great things so far in your lifetime, the phrases you use should not be too effusive or boastful. Instead, suggest you were “honored,” “sufficiently lucky,” and similar. Readers will applaud your achievements and modesty and your writing will not feel so intimidated.

Tips on Writing the Main Body Paragraphs

In a piece entitled, for example, “an essay myself and my life,” the second part – after the introductory section- will involve supporting the angle you have taken. This is known as an essay’s main body and it is usually made up of a few (normally around three) paragraphs. In every essay, this section is vital and it is the part that usually determines if, after garnering the interest of readers in the opening paragraph, you are able to maintain their interest to the end. Hence, it is crucial to ensure your writing is precise and detailed and entirely focused on the thesis or central idea. Because of this, it is essential to choose a specific aspect to focus on since this will be the aspect that will guide the flow and direction of your entire essay.

The following are a few tips on writing the main body of your essay:

  • Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence and then develop a specific point or argument around that sentence. The content of each body paragraph should seek to build upon and support your central thesis statement.
  • Body paragraphs should be detailed. When describing or talking about yourself, use sufficient detail and do not leave any guesswork for your readers.
  • Use examples. If, say, you choose to focus your essay on a particular sporting competition you participated in while at high school, you should provide detailed examples and describe, where possible, a particular competition or event. This technique enables readers to identify with or empathize with your achievements or challenges.

Concluding an Essay about Oneself

In any “about myself essay,” knowing how to write the concluding paragraph is the second biggest challenge. In truth, your life’s story is still on-going so it can be difficult to find an appropriate conclusion.

Below are a few tips for writing a conclusion to an essay about oneself:

  • Select one or more moments that represent a change or started a change in your life.
  • Try to ensure your closing section picks up on and mirrors the essence of your introductory paragraph.

Example of an Essay Outline 

When students are asked to write an “introduce myself essay,” many of them turn to various online writing services – such as – for advice. In most cases, the first recommendation is to begin by creating an essay outline. This saves time when it comes to formulating arguments and doing the actual writing. It is also a good tool for defining an essay’s scope early on and, therefore, helping to keep within range.

The following is a simple example of a personal essay outline:

About Myself Essay

Introductory Paragraph

  • Say who you are by way of introduction. State your full or partial name, where you come from, what your background is, what it is you do, and so on.
  • Describe a time when you were, for example, the victim of bullying.
  • Develop a thesis statement setting out the impact and distress that follows such an incident.

Main Body Paragraphs

  • Say what led to you being bullied.
  • Describe the effects or say what type of bullying it was i.e. physical or psychological.
  • Say how you dealt with the situation or finally overcame the experience and/or effects.

Concluding Paragraph

  • Here, the central thesis statement should be reiterated. 
  • Describe how you have since helped other younger people deal with bullying and its effects.
  • Say what you think needs to be done to eradicate this problem in schools and within communities.
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