How to Start a Research Paper

It is no secret that teachers focus their attention on the competent writing of research paper introduction when checking students’ works. It is considered as a guarantor of high appreciation of your research done. Here are some rules and tips on how to start an introduction.

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How to Start off a Research Paper

Proper Structure of the Introduction

It is necessary to justify the choice of your topic in the introduction to a research paper, its relevance, identify the structure of the work and analyze the sources. The researcher should concentrate all his or her attention on writing the beginning of the paper. 

In order not to miss anything important and understand how to begin a research paper, follow these instructions. Show the relevance of your work. This is the importance of your topic in the modern world. Explain the role of your research in developing the subject of your paper. Prove that your topic is necessary for real life. 

Clearly formulate and set the tasks of your work. They should be set according to the purpose of the paper and help achieve it. 

Formulate the understandable and concise goal of your research. The goal is the expected result. Ask yourself why you are researching your topic and formulate a brief and understandable aim on the base of your ideas. The goal is to solve the problem that you have set and fully correspond to the relevance of your work. 

Specify the object of your study. This is a whole field of your research. This concept is much broader than the subject of the paper. The object of the research can be formulated as follows: “the writing object of a given topic is information technology” or “the human organism acts as the object of research”. The subject of research, which should be indicated in the introduction to the research work, is only one special direction of the object. The correctly formulated subject of the paper makes it possible to narrow down the range of information search to such an extent that there is no doubt in the correctness of the writing. Very often, a subject is just a repetition of the name of your topic. 

Think over and briefly describe what methods, sources, documents you are going to use in the process of searching information, as well as in solving the practical part of the work. Please indicate why your choice fell on them. Do not forget to express your own opinion about the topic of the study and put forward hypotheses that you can prove or disprove during the research. While writing the introduction, rely on your own ideas.

How to Write a Correct Thesis Statement

Thesis statement writing is a very important stage of creating an introduction. Many first-time authors of scientific papers have some problems with a thesis statement. What is it and how to make it right? It plays the role of a “support”, with which a further description should be correct and relevant. Without it, the introduction will be incomplete. A correctly written thesis statement should contain the following main points: disclosure of the basic concepts and problems of research. There should not be questions here, you just point out the main problem of the research and give a definition of the basic concepts with which you will work. You must show the features of the interaction of the main object of your research with the outside world. This very important issue can show your level of understanding of the topic you choose. 

Some Useful Tips on Writing an Introduction

In order to understand how to write an introduction to a research paper, you should follow these simple and useful tips, they can show you the main principles of academic writing.

Many researchers mistakenly believe that the introduction must be written immediately and completely. This is not true. Before starting work on the body of the research work, it is necessary to write only a part of the introduction and indicate all main directions of your work. All other information should be written after the completion of the whole research because you can find out some new facts during your exploring process. This data can become relevant for your introduction, so leave it for later. 

The introduction of research work should be interrelated with its conclusions. The conclusions part should list the overall results of the work done, and these results must be based on the set research tasks. This connection will show the logicality of your paper. However, if you follow the above recommendations and advice, then during the defense you will not have any problems associated with unnecessary questions on writing an introduction to research.

The introduction is a very important part of the work because it indicates and explains the reason of the relevance of the chosen topic and identifies the main issues that will be considered in the body part of your paper. Do not hesitate to use the quotes of famous scientists. This will initially brighten your work and improve the level of your academic language. Most professors like when students do not limit themselves to a simple statement of the material.

Do not hesitate to ask your teacher to help you. Your professor will see, that you are really interested in your study.

The text of the introduction should be written in a scientific style. Do not use spoken language and vernacular. Use only accurate examples and facts. All citations from different sources must be certified. 

Write only about important and relevant things, do not use secondary facts that do not influence the essence of your research. The introduction is quite a short part of your work, so it is worth writing about basic things only.

Reread your introduction several times. You may not notice any inaccuracies if you read the work only once. Recheck it after some time passed, for example, the next day. Ask a friend to proofread your introduction and give him or her opinion about it.