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Applying to UC School Can Be Easier!

If you are willing to apply to the University of California school, you definitely should know a few secrets that will make this process easier. Keep in mind that the earlier you start your admission process; the more time you will need to take all the steps. In such a way, you will be able to avoid stress and anxiety caused by this challenging process. Below, you will find a brief description of the steps that will take you closer to your success. Check out our guidelines and you will understand how to write the top-notch UC application essay examples. 

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Create an account. The first step in the application process implies creating an account. Although this step is pretty easy, it is particularly important since it will help you stay in touch with the management of the educational institution you apply to.

Fill in the application. After creating your personal profile, you will need to submit a UC application. The UC school application contains eight main sections:

  • About you. In this section, you will need to provide your birth date information, as well as contact details. Besides, you will need to inform the application committee members about your native language, your background, as well as other personal information.
  • Campuses and majors. Then, you need to choose a school you will apply to. You should know that there are nine UC schools and you can apply to all of them. Pay attention that each school requires a $70 application fee. As such, we highly recommend you choose the school that fits your interests and career goals and apply to it. Next, you will need to select a major. If you are applying to different schools, you will need to choose a major separately. Also, it is highly recommended to choose an “alternative major.” It is a major you would like to pursue in case of failure with the primary one.
  • Academic history. This section is pretty long since it includes information about the high school you attended, as well as your learning accomplishments.
  • Test scores. In this section, you need to include information about the standardized tests you have taken. In particular, you can report the results of the SAT Subject Test, IB score, AP, etc. If you are an international student, you can report your IELTS or TOEFL scores. In the schools of the University of California, test scores are optional, though, in some cases, they can be pretty helpful in the decision-making process. Pay attention that even if you mention the test scores anywhere in your application, you will need to submit official results to each school you are applying to.
  • Activities and rewards. In this section, you will need to state all the activities you participated in outside of your classroom. You may mention the following activities:
  1. Award of honor;
  2. Educational programs;
  3. Extracurricular activities;
  4. Volunteering service;
  5. Work experience

For each category, you may add several of the most meaningful activities. There is no need to include all the activities you have participated in.

  • Scholarships and programs. In this section, you will need to introduce yourself in regard to different scholarship categories including career plans, ethnicity, and work experience. There are several categories and each of them has diverse characteristics you are free to choose from. Pay attention that you will need to select these characteristics just once, no matter how many schools you will apply to.
  • Personal insights. In this section, you will reply to the personal questions. There will be eight questions and you will need to respond to four of them. Each response should be approximately 250-300 words. We highly recommend you write your answers in a Microsoft Word document first to make it easier to review them and fix all the inconsistencies affecting the quality.

Pay Admission Fees

The University of California will ask you to provide information about your family`s income and this information will determine the fee you will need to pay. 

Important notes

When you take a standardized test, you need to take it with writing. You should know that the University of California will consider your best overall test day. It means that they will not take your highest score per one section but will consider your high total score on any single day. You need to send your SAT and ACT tests to one UC campus and all of the schools will receive them. This point is very important because it is allowed to send the SAT and ACT a limited number of times.

UC application essay examples

Dear Mr./Ms. Name:

I am writing this appeal letter to you in regards to become a student of your University of California, Irvine as I am in the waitlist right now. Being a communicative person with certain organizational as well as leadership skills and having courage to face the challenge, I am convinced I deserve to become a part of your community.

The major reasons of my applying to the University of California, Irvine are: good business school, excellent faculty, scenic campus and security, cultural diversity with a combination of many extra-curricular activities. What is more, the culture of UCI that accepts new ideas attracts me with its innovations a lot. I am sure that studying at your University of California will provide me a professional education that helps a lot in achieving my future career goal. In addition, it is my great desire to meet Peter the Anteater, a celebrity mascot of University of California, Irvine.

I want to express my gratitude for having the time to consider my appeal letter. I am looking forward to getting a new qualitative student’s period of life in the University of California.


First Name, Last Name.

Learn More about UC School Application

If you want to become a student at the UC school, you will need to do your best to pass the application successfully. In particular, you need to meet the deadline for your application. As such, the last day for submitting your application is November, 30. 

In addition to the UC application essay examples, you will need to submit additional materials that may be required by the admission officers. Pay attention that ACT and SAT scores are now optional, thus it is you who decide to submit them or not. You will need to complete only one application, no matter how many schools you are applying to. However, pay attention that you will need to pay a $70 fee for applying to every school. Thus, it is highly recommended to be reasonable about your choice.

Regardless of what UC school you are applying to, they are looking for students with similar qualities. As such, they want to see that their students are passionate, motivated, and goal-oriented individuals ready to broaden the horizons and push the limits. Even if your grades are not perfect, you can become a student at the UC school if you manage to convince the admission officers that you know how to learn from your mistakes and overcome challenges. Have a look at the well-written UC application essay examples to boost your writing inspiration. Good luck!

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