Make Your Coronavirus Essay Clear and Engaging

In 2020, the world has faced a pandemic of an enormous scale. A lot of people died, many countries were closed, and we had to learn how to live in new realms. No wonder that many teachers in colleges and universities incorporate the topics related to COVID-19 into the learning process. A coronavirus essay aims not only to evaluate the student`s writing and research skills but also to increase their awareness about the situation. Since this topic is very new and complicated, writing a coronavirus essay may become a great problem for a student. If you are supposed to write a coronavirus essay but your writing skills are not good enough to cope with this challenge successfully, feel free to read our guide and you will learn many handy tips and practices that will help you create a good-looking piece that will bring you the anticipated outcome.

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You may wonder, “What makes a coronavirus essay different from any other academic essay?” Well, they have many common features. For instance, they follow the same structure and formatting standards. Both of these documents should be interesting, engaging, and clear. However, the main difference between these essays is that a coronavirus essay should explore the current events. Thus, you won`t be able to rely on past research and prove that your argument is valid. As a result, you will need to study the findings of current scholars, which are not always credible. Consequently, you need to be very attentive when carrying out your research. Besides, the data is constantly changing, thus it is particularly important to be aware of all the appearing trends and tendencies related to COVID-19. If you want to get a good grade for your essay, you should make it not only interesting and engaging but also informative and detailed.

How to Write a Great Paper about COVID-19?

In our guide, we are going to help you understand how to approach a coronavirus essay in a way that will help you get the best result. Let`s get started:

Read the materials. It may seem obvious, but you should get prepared for writing your essay. First and foremost, you will need to read the professor`s guidelines. Most probably, your tutor will provide you with a set of instructions, which should be followed precisely if you want to reach a good outcome. If you are willing to write an outstanding essay that would engage your reader, you should clearly understand what is expected from you. For instance, you may be asked to “discuss,” “evaluate,” “analyze,” or do something else. By understanding, what your professor expects to see in your paper, you will be able to choose a suitable approach that will help you create a good-looking piece. Then, you will need to look at other instructions. This list may include some facts you are supposed to discuss, as well as some formatting and structure guidelines. Only by following the tutor`s requirements precisely you will be able to create an impressive piece;

Chose a good topic. Most probably, your teacher will provide you with a list of topics allowing you to choose the subject to work with. We highly recommend you pick up a topic that will be neither too broad, nor too narrow. By choosing such a topic, you will be able to develop your arguments in an appropriate way supporting them with credible evidence.

Once you are done with studying the prompt, you will need to check out your course readings trying to understand which ones will help you work on your paper. Of course, only course materials won`t be enough to write a good coronavirus essay, thus you will need to look for external readings. Most probably, you will need to study some journals, newspapers, and other recent publications because the books about COVID-19 were not published yet. If you are working on a research paper, you will need to carry out a thorough investigation of the topic working with different sources trying to understand what arguments seem relevant and accurate. Let`s have a closer look at what types of sources you can use when working on your coronavirus essay:

  • Newspapers and websites. In the newspaper articles and websites, you will definitely find relevant information about the specific coronavirus issues in different countries, deaths, and other relevant data. All articles may include different data, thus, you need to double-check each piece of information before you introduce it in your essay. To make your essay look credible, you will need to pick up the most reputable sources. For instance, you may look for relevant data on the website of the World Health Organization or other governmental organizations. If you find any bias in the article you read, you should take some time and read the articles with alternative opinions.
  • Academic articles. You will definitely be impressed by a great number of academic articles published on COVID-19 topics. Whereas you can work with many sources when carrying out your research, make sure to pick up the ones that fit your topic.

When writing a coronavirus essay, you need to combine different views and opinions, as it will help you convince your teacher that you have applied a professional approach when working on your paper. Pay attention that no matter what you think about the topic you are exploring; your essay should not look biased. By making it maximally objective, you will be able to reach the anticipated outcome. After all, a coronavirus essay is a piece of academic writing and it should match the latest academic writing criteria.

Do some brainstorming. By writing your essay spontaneously, without having a good plan, you will definitely omit many important points, which will make your paper too shallow and vague. A proficient writer knows that good planning is half of success. Thus, we highly recommend you take some time and think all your readings over. By doing this, you will understand what points should be discussed and analyzed in your essay. When brainstorming your ideas, you should know exactly how many points you will introduce in your paper. For example, if you are writing a 1200-word research paper, 300 words will be dedicated to the introductory and concluding paragraphs. Then, you will have 900 words for the main body, which will be probably divided into 4-5 paragraphs, which means that you will need to pick up 4-5 important points.

Come up with a good outline. Take a blank piece of paper and create an approximate plan of your research paper. At first, it may look messy but you should not be worried about it as you will give it a better shape later. Remember that the primary goal of your outline is to organize your ideas in an appropriate way, as well as not to skip important points. Your outline should include an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. In an introduction, you will need to include brief background information on your topic, a great hook, and a thesis statement. Your thesis statement is a debatable idea, which will define the whole approach you will take when working on your paper. Once you are done with the introductory part, you will need to write down the points that will be discussed in the main body. Pay attention that the main body of your paper will be divided into a couple of paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs should include a strong argument and supporting evidence. We highly recommend you begin your topic analysis from the most impressive and engaging points because, in such a way, you will be able to make your essay interesting to your reader. When you use in-text citations to support your arguments, you should format them in accordance with the style requested by your tutor. As such, if you are supposed to use the APA style, it means that all of your in-text citations, as well as the list of references, should follow this style. Finally, when the main body part is written in your outline, you will need to include a conclusion. Although this part is short, it is very important since it makes an impression on your reader. Keep in mind that the last paragraph of your paper should not introduce new facts or evidence as its primary goal is just to jot down everything that was told in the previous paragraphs. Although many students tend to underestimate the importance of an outline considering it as just a waste of time, we highly recommend you not to skip this stage of the writing process as it will make your essay well organized and properly structured.

Write your paper. As soon as you are done with the preparation part, you will need to start working on your paper. Although you are already aware of the common structure of your document, let`s have a closer look at it. The first thing you should know about writing a coronavirus essay is that you should try to find a good balance between evidence, news, course theory, and information that can be found online. Of course, this will add an extra layer of complexity to the writing process. However, as we have told you previously, writing a coronavirus essay is not as easy as it may seem.

If you already have an outline, you may just take it and elaborate on each of its points.

The primary goal of your introduction is to engage your reader by providing sufficient background information on your topic. Besides, you will need to include a hook that will fuel the reader`s interest from the very first lines. It can be an interesting fact, striking statistics, etc. Finally, at the end of your introductory paragraph, you will need to include a central idea of your paper, which is called a thesis statement.

The introduction is always followed by the main body. Each of the main body paragraphs should begin with a clear topic sentence. This sentence should be related to a thesis statement and convey the main idea of the entire paragraph. Then, you will need to add one-two sentences linking the topic sentence with the evidence you are going to suggest. Then, you will need to present your evidence. Make sure to write two-four sentences providing the reader with the recent data, statistics, and other information. After presenting your evidence, you will need to analyze your evidence. It is essential to analyze your evidence helping your reader understand what you think about it. Finally, you will need to summarize the paragraph in a good concluding sentence. In some cases, the concluding sentence of one paragraph should be related to the topic sentence of another paragraph.

The last paragraph of your coronavirus essay is a conclusion. In the concluding part, you cannot introduce new arguments or evidence. In this part, you should just restate your thesis and summarize your arguments helping your target audience understand the importance of your work.

Writing a Coronavirus Essay: Common Tips

  • Keep your essay academic. When writing an essay about COVID-19, you need to follow all the common standards accepted in academic writing. It means that you need to make your essay clear, detailed, and comprehensive;
  • Use only relevant academic sources. Although it can be pretty difficult to find the sources that would be relevant and peer-reviewed, you need to do your best because the success of your essay depends on how well you can work with external sources;
  • Try to avoid bias. Of course, you have your own opinion on the events happening in the present-day realms. However, you are not supposed to state your personal opinion in your essay unless you were asked to do it;
  • Proofread your essay thoroughly. Proofreading is the final stage of writing a paper but it is particularly important. If your essay is riddled with mistakes, your tutor will think that you treated your assignment carelessly. Thus, the result of your work will be unsatisfactory. As, we highly recommend you review the final draft of your paper and make sure it is free from grammatical, spelling, and punctuation flaws.

By following our suggestions, you will be able to turn a simple essay into a winning piece that will bring you the desired outcome.

Final Thoughts

Writing a coronavirus essay is not easy not only because of its challenging nature but because this topic is very sensitive nowadays. Many people have lost their jobs, travel opportunities, or even their close people. If you find it too challenging to write such a paper, we highly recommend you have a look at some well-written essays. Perhaps, you will be able to boost your writing inspiration by studying these samples. At the same time, you should understand that in order to bring you a good grade, your essay should be maximally authentic and unique. You will definitely create a good-looking piece following our handy tips and guidelines.

Instead of panicking, you should relax and say to yourself, “You can do this!” After all, by using a professional approach to work and creativity, you will be able to create a paper that will please the most demanding educator.

Brief Sample of a Personal Coronavirus Essay

Now, when humanity has to adapt to new conditions, people should reconsider their values, beliefs, and principles. Before the pandemic, I lived an active life attending parties, meeting my friends, traveling, and being engaged in various extracurricular activities. However, everything was changed a year ago. Our children will learn about this period in books but I won`t be able to forget the first weeks of the pandemic. When we first saw the horrible videos from China, we were frightened but we could not even imagine that this could happen to us. However, the disaster was inevitable.

I was affected by the pandemic personally and socially and I know that many people suffered from the pandemic as well. My friend Katie has lost her grandmother without being able to talk to her for the last time. I was truly surprised when I realized that social distance and food insecurity could become an integral part of human life. Now, people can see how everything that was built by them for many years can be destroyed in one moment. I feel very sorry for all those people, who suffered from the pandemic.

At the same time, I am certain that this pandemic can make people stronger and more mature. By studying appropriate lessons, we can change our lives highly valuing every minute spent with our families. Besides, we should use this time as an opportunity to reconsider our beliefs about environmental problems. The renowned scientists admit that if people don`t stop destroying nature, pandemics will become more frequent.

“How long my life will be on a pause?” This question is bothering everyone. However, we should understand that this period won`t last forever. By helping other people and fighting the problems together, we will be able to overcome the pandemic and develop a brand new attitude to the surrounding world.