The Best 540+ Argumentative Essay Topics for Everyone

Need to prepare an essay, but cannot choose among 540+ argumentative essay topics? Why not ask for help in choosing topics to write about? Not know where to refer to find support and assistance? Our online essay and academic writing company has been specializing in debatable topics, as well as argumentative research paper topics choosing and essay writing in a wide diversity of subjects. We are very proud that we have helped thousands of students from different countries and parts of the world in selecting the best argumentative essay topics and completing fascinating papers, which results in excellent marks, high scores, as well as academic success and future opportunities.

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Argumentative essays are among numerous written tasks that are given to students while studying in colleges or universities. If you are a student, you should be ready that such an assignment can be either part of your homework or in-class activities. Argumentative essays like any other types of essays are aimed at checking students’ mastering of the English language, as well as the ability to think and analyze any given or set good argument topics critically and accordingly.

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How to Choose the Best Persuasive Essay Topics or Argumentative Essay Topics

In the today’s constantly developing and changing world, it is not difficult to choose either argumentative or persuasive essay topics. Firstly, you should choose the field or discipline that you are majoring in. Secondly, you should focus on one of the aspects that you are good at or interested in. The problem can appear if your teacher chooses the topic of your essay instead of you. Thirdly, keep in mind that your future readers should be impressed by the arguments and ideas provided and the way how you do this in your essay. Fourthly, try avoiding topics on various moral values and issues because it is not easy to discuss everything in a logical way. Try to make an emphasis on any of the burning problems or issues that the today’s society is dealing with. Fifthly, take into account that while choosing topics for a persuasive speech or an argumentative essay, you should provide not only analysis but also criticism of different issues in your paper. Sixthly, always support your considerations using corroborative arguments or pieces of evidence. Otherwise, your paper will be poorly assessed by your teacher. Seventhly, in case you face certain difficulties in choosing argumentative topics for your essays, do not afraid to ask for help and support. Sometimes your friends, family members, or classmates can aid you in selecting outstanding and easy argumentative essay topics. It is always recommended to discuss your chosen topic with your teacher, who does know perfectly well, what you should concentrate on. Eighthly, if you have done with the choice and approval of your controversial topics for research paper or essay, you can easily start completing your written assignment. Last but not least, take into consideration the peculiarities of formatting your essay or research. It is of great significance to pay attention to the academic styles of formatting, such as Oxford, Harvard, MLA, APA, etc.

We hope that our essay ideas and best debate topics chosen for your written tasks will bring you only fascinating results and benefits into your studying!

Research Paper Topics

Research Paper Topics

How to Choose the Best Research Topics?

When you have to choose both interesting and original research paper topics, you should do your best not lose your chance to complete the best ever read papers or essays. Please consider that excellent or good research topics should be innovative, original, creative and intriguing. When your future readers pay attention to your interesting topics, they should be 100% engaged in further reading your masterpieces to find out your original ideas, ways of presenting arguments and contra-arguments, and unexpected findings or conclusions.

Sometimes, it can happen that due to various reasons or circumstances, it is very difficult for you to choose research essay topics for your future essays or researches. Do not know what to do in this case? Why not refer for assistance to our highly qualified professionals who have been helping students in choosing their good research paper topics for many decades?

What Field Are You Majoring in?

The key factor that can help you to choose the best research paper topics is that you should be crazy about your subject or area of science. In this case, it will be very easy for you to complete your essay or research. Your interest in what you are doing can lead to your success in academic studying.

1. Are we safe against cyber attacks?

2. How did cloud technologies change data storing?

3. Effects of global warming on animals and plants.

4. How can we make this world a better place?

5. Benefits of recycling.

6. Do copyrights promote creativity or stifle it?

7. How to turn your idea into a business?

8. Technology needed to go to Mars.

9. Legal but unethical behavior.

10. Benefits of North and South Korea reunification.

11. Difference between war crimes and genocide.

12. What role does religion play in oppression?

13. Pluralism is the greatest philosophical ideal of our time.

14. How to prevent cancer naturally?

15. How does team participation builds commitment to practice?

16. Teachers open the door you enter by yourself.

17. Negative social effects of reality tv on society.

18. Sexism and ageism in Hollywood.

19. Are we safe from nuclear attack?

20. Why the death penalty should not be abolished?

21. Importance of branding in marketing.

22. Discrimination against single mothers in the workplace.

23. Smoking effects on body.

24. Are anorexia and bulimia caused by our society?

25. Why shouldn’t rich countries help poor countries?

26. What technologies are available to homeowners to help them conserve energy?


Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech Topics

Do you know that there is a minute but very essential difference between persuasive speech planning and persuasive essay writing. First of all, you are going to prepare persuasive speeches, you should ponder on good persuasive speech topics for college students. The next step implies that you will prepare several persuasive speech ideas that your future persuasive speech will be anchored on. If you have plenty of time, you can conduct research on what persuasive speech topics in your chosen field of science are considered the most controversial in the today’s society. While choosing a persuasive speech topic, please consider that it should make your future readers get interested in it and provoke them to react on what you are stating in your speech. If you manage to have a little impact on their feelings or emotions, you will be able to catch their attention. This will allow you to make your speech outstanding.

We have prepared a list of the most interesting speech topics so that you will be able to understand what you are expected to do:

27. Positive features of globalization of the world.

28. Moral principles of human cloning.

29. Are democratic values important in the contemporary society?

30. IT addiction.

31. The violation of the freedom of press.

32. Should immigrants be allowed in the US?

33. Side effects of diapers on babies.

34. Does internet mean the death of newspapers?

35. Special privileges for working moms.

36. Health insurance a must for all citizens.

37. Reasons why healthcare should be free.

38. Should schools search students lockers and backpacks?

39. Why locker searches should be allowed?

40. The effects of teenage pregnancy on the teenager family and society.

41. Comparison of social adjustment between home and traditionally schooled students.

42. Does texting hurt writing skills?

43. The effects of text messaging on students’ literacy.

44. A wandering mind is an unhappy mind.

45. Should the government ban smoking?

46. Effects of smoking in public places.

47. Do school cafeterias contribute to the rise in childhood obesity?

48. Should minors be allowed to drink alcohol with their parents consent?

49. How to bring awareness to domestic violence?

50. Are disposable diapers bad for the environment?

51. Should classes be separated by gender?

52. How do song lyrics affect your brain?

53. Benefits of surveillance cameras in public places.

54. Reasons why cell phone use while driving should be banned.

55. Are private colleges harder than public?

56. Fast food effects on the environment.

57. Disadvantages of morning classes.

58. Good sense of humor.

59. Celebrities should have more privacy rights.

60. Technology makes us more alone.

61. Positive effects of social media on youth.


Informative Essay Topics

Informative Essay Topics

If you are reading this article devoted to informative essay topics, then you have been facing troubles in choosing the best one. We do know that it is very difficult for an ordinary student to select informative essay topics or informative speech topics for college if he or she has a lot of other things to cope with. It is apparent that you can know all the basic principles of essay writing and speech preparation, but when it concerns the very process of doing this, you cannot handle such assignments accordingly. If you are in a desperate situation, do not easily give up. We are here to assist and support you.

Informative Research and Informative Essay Topics Explained in Detail

The term “informative” implies that each piece of writing is aimed at providing future readers with some pieces of information on a certain topic, problem or issue. Before choosing topics to write about, you should take into account that your readers may not have the slightest ideas on them and that you should do your best to explain them all in detail. For instance, if you interested in IT, you should explain why it is important to you and what advantages and benefits it can bring to other people. At the very beginning, try to use simple and understandable words, and then introduce various terms applied in the field of your interest. Keep in mind that the key goal of any informative essay is to explain a topic utilizing plenty of details.

Essay Topics Ideas should always be interesting and fascinating. You should not only be interested in the chosen topic but also make your readers get involved into your ideas.

62. British Empire timeline in India.

63. Biography of William Shakespeare.

64. Brutus arguments on standing armies.

65. The History of tennis.

66. The panic in the year 1893.

67. Business leaders who changed the world.

68. What is leadership skills?

69. How safe is online banking on a mobile phone?

70. Federalist 51.

71. Policies and Procedures.

72. Methods of conservation of energy resources.

73. Samurai code.

74. Equal protection under the law.

75. How to write a business plan?

76. How did the asian tigers develop?

77. How does television violence affect children’s behavior?

78. Essay about sexuality.

79. Why God created this world?

80. Plastic surgery history.

81. Long term effects of smoking.

82. Religious life in the Planet Earth

83. Alcohol side effects of drinking everyday.

84. Christian Love.

85. Essay about Nursing.

86. Economic causes of the French revolution.

87. Types of computer virus and their effects.

88. Pros and cons of electric cars on the environment.

89. Cool pets to own.

90. Nationalism and Industrial Revolution.

91. Bad laws that need to be changed.

92. History of computer games.

93. Reasons why nuclear energy should be banned.

94. Evolution of marriage history.

95. Movie evaluation.

96. What is culture?

97. Charismatic leadership meaning in Hindi.

98. Reasons for gender inequality in education in India.

99. My process and experience of doing research.

Sociology Research Topics

Sociology Research Topics

Sociology is regarded as one of the most interesting disciplines that university or college students prefer to write their essays and researches about. While completing an essay or research in the field of sociology, any experience, emotion or feeling can become its focus. However, not all sociology topics could be so interesting. Please consider that sociology paper topics or sociology research topics should, first of all, be interesting for you to look into and then for your future audience to find out about something new.

There are two types of essays on sociology – argumentative and informative. The first type – informative – should provide your readers with novel information, whereas the second one – argumentative – should make your readers brood on the problem under study. Both essay types are focused on social behavior of human. It is very complicated to select interesting topics to research and write about, as there is a wide variety of aspects, issues, and problems that are worth your attention.

Looking for custom college essays? Our company offers its custom college essay writing services to clients who look for reliable and respected company.

Here are some of the commonest topics:

90. Assimilation of freshmen in college.

91. Moral values of Ancient Egypt.

92. Euthanasia: an Act of murdering or giving relief?

93. The cult of money in the modern society.

94. The problem of the third sex.

95. Sociologically, why is gender especially significant?

96. What are some sociological issues?

97. Cultural artifacts.

98. What does research show as the most common background condition of urban riots?

100. Assimilation of freshmen in college.

101. Moral values of Ancient Egypt.

102. Virtual friend.

103. Euthanasia: an act of murdering or giving relief.

104. The cult of money in the modern society.

105. Leadership challenges.

106. The problem of the third sex.

107. Is social media addictive?

108. Sociologically, why is gender especially significant?

109. What are some sociological issues?

110. Cultural artifacts.

111. What does research show as the most common background condition of urban riots?

112. Why you shouldn t go to college?

113. What is happiness?

114. Emotional intelligence?

115. Is college necessary?

116. Why should you vote?

117. Pros and cons of lowering the drinking age.

118. Illegal immigration: pros and cons.

119. Essay about feminism.

120. Should illegal immigrants be made legal citizens?

121. Can a teacher engage in a religious activity with students at school?

122. Can men and women be friends?

123. How to see friendship between two friends on facebook?

124. What is plutonic love?

125. Difference between friendship and relationship/

126. Should tattoos be allowed in the workplace?

127. Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

128. Template on should gay couples be allowed to adopt children.

129. How technology affects relationships?

130. Online dating: pros and cons.

131. Does corporal punishment work?

132. Should students have homework: pros and cons.

133. Happiness is meeting old friends.


Psychology Research Topics

Psychology Research Topics

Psychology is originated from the Latin words that imply the study of human soul or mind. All psychology research topics can be based on three general topics, such as mental health, human psyche, and human behavior. These three general topics can, in their turn, be subdivided into more specific psychology or social psychology topics. It should be noted that there are many subfields of psychology and sociology, such as social psychology, abnormal psychology, psychology of religion, forensic psychology, etc. If you are a student majoring in psychology or sociology, you are expected to choose interesting psychology topics or sociology paper topics for your either ordinary essays or research works.

How to Choose Research or Essay Topics?

While choosing sociology or psychology research paper topics, determine what topic you are interested in or are passionate about. Please consider that research topics in the field of psychology or sociology are very broad, you should choose a very narrow topic to be able to conduct decent research.

Here are a few samples of psychology research topics:

134. Mood disorders often observed in pregnant women.

135. Causes of eating disorders in teenagers.

136. Motivation vs. Stress in the workplace.

137. Essay about depression.

138. Successful aging.

139. Family stereotypes in the UAE.

140. How stereotypes affect behavior?

141. The syndrome of subjective doubles.

142. Child development.

143. Human development.

144. Research paper on depression.

145. Define racism in psychology.

146. Pessimistic vs optimistic.

147. Theories of intelligence in psychology.

148. Essay about behaviorism.

149. Dreams and their meanings.

150. Essay about narcissism.

151. What is media violence and why is it considered a problem?

152. Effects of torture on the brain.

153. EBD causal factors.

154. What are the signs of bipolar in a teenager?

155. Depression after miscarriage hormones.

156. Generalized anxiety disorder narcissism.

157. Clinical psychology.

158. Gender differences in depression.

159. Why is it important to identify signs of stress early?

160. What psychological effects come from solitary confinement?

161. Multiple personality disorder.

162. Psychological effects of escorting.

163. Obesity and low self esteem.

164. Sexual aggression.

165. Motivational theories in the workplace.

166. Essay about family.

167. Mental illness danger to self or others.

168. How divorce affects children’s emotional development?

169. Sister relationships psychology.


Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

A cause and effect essay is one of the numerous written assignments given in colleges and universities where students should determine both causes and effects of various deeds, actions, phenomena, etc. In order to complete such essays, students should show all their knowledge, skills and experiences. Teachers usually give their students these types of writing on a wide diversity of cause and effect essay topics to evaluate their knowledge of the subject, as well as their analytical and critical skills.

Sometimes, cause and effect topics can imply that students may focus on presenting only either causes or effects of a certain deed or phenomenon. However, in the majority of cases, students are required to provide both causes, as well as effects of the chosen action or issue.

If your teacher has provided you with a list of casual argument topics or cause and effect essay topics, then it is not difficult to focus on one of them and prepare an excellent piece of writing. The problem may appear when you have to choose your topic by yourself and there are no essay ideas left in your head. In such a scenario, you can always rely on our essay and academic writing service.

We can assist in writing topics and completing your papers right now!

170. Cause and effect of smoking.

171. Causes and Effects of the restaurant chains.

172. Effects of single parenting on child behavior.

173. Growing up in poverty and making something of yourself.

174. Importance of credit culture for banks.

175. The effect of intimate relationships on well being.

176. Negative impact of social media on youth.

177. Why are grandparents raising their grandchildren?

178. How to strengthen your family relationships?

179. Causes of growing up in poverty.

180. Effects of wearing bad shoes.

181. How can a bad relationship affect you?

182. What are the consequences to society when persons delay seeking health care?

183. Why is pancreatic cancer on the rise?

184. Effects of exercise on human body systems.

185. Why magnet schools are bad?

186. Why is physical education being cut in schools?

187. Why does north korea want nuclear weapons?

188. What happened to erin the woman addicted to exercise?

189. Fractured sibling relationships in dysfunctional families.

190. How does poor housing affect a person intellectually?

191. The positive (and negative) psychology of empathy.

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College Essay Topics

College Essay Topics

How to Find Excellent College Essay Topics?

Nowadays, students are facing plenty of different problems and issues, and search for the best and most interesting argumentative essay topics for college are one of them. Essay topics for college are very diverse and numerous, depending on the discipline, which makes students get worried and fall into despair. If you are one of such students, do not worry, as in the modern era of the internet and almighty Google, all problems can easily be solved with a single click.  

Want to know the most important college essay prompts? Read our article given below.

The first thing that you should start with is brainstorming. Delve deeply into your mind, search for very remarkable events, people, experiences or deeds that have a great influence on your life, studying, or relationships. Prepare the list of possible topics that you will be able to utilize as your college essay topics in the future. It is evident that such a type of work can take you plenty of time and efforts, but believe you or not, it is worth doing. We assure you that you will not regret that you have taken up doing this. Of course, you will not be able to prepare 50 essay topics just in a few minutes, but you can work on completing your list spending half an hour each day during a week. Who knows, maybe with time, you will be able to become an expert in preparing college essay topics or persuasive speech topics for college students in the future. Keep in mind that the ability to find heuristic and interesting college essay ideas can come only with hard work, persistence, and practice.

Remember the more you work the greater achievements you can reach!

192. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

193. Discuss an accomplishment event or realization.

194. What are your career goals?

195. If i will be a teacher for one day?

196. 5 things you would like to change about your life.

197. Why are you interested in this college?

198. What are your plans after graduation?

199. What animal would you be and why?

200. My most embarrassing moment in high school.

201. Books that changed your life.

202. What would you contribute to your future college campus community?

203. What is the college experience?

204. Harmful effects of mobile phones.

205. How to prevent teen pregnancies?

206. Should the drinking age be lowered?

207. Pros and cons of homework.

208. How does music affect the brain?

209. What is the most popular sport in the world?

210. Why women stay in abusive relationships?

211. What did the united states accomplish during its war on terror?

212. Why do people join the military?

213. Performance enhancing drugs in sports.

214. How do earthquakes happen?

215. How does lobbying negatively affect government?

216. Pros and cons of the internet.

217. Making friends can take time and be difficult, but the benefits are many.

218. Social movements in America.

219. How to make a long distance relationship work?

220. What does democracy mean?


Essay Topics for High School

Essay Topics for High School

Any type of essay is aimed at informing or convincing the audience regarding certain deeds, facts, piece of evidence, data, or statistics. The key things that can contribute to your academic success when completing any written assignment are to choose fascinating and provocative essay topics for high school, college or university, to follow the set requirements, and to stick to the organizational essay structure, as well as formatting peculiarities.

When you are an ordinary high school student, you should focus your attention on high school debate topics that are widely discussed in your school, community, or city while preparing to write your essays. Try to avoid looking for abstract problems or issues, simply make an emphasis on what is going on around you. For instance, instead of writing on the topic The Problems Faced by People with Disabilities in the Contemporary World, why not pay your readers’ attention to your class-mate Jack who has problems with hearing. Your essay topic could be How We Can Help Jack to Cope with All In-class Activities. We consider that such a topic could be regarded as one of the cool topics ever written in your class.

Sometimes, teachers at high school want to assist their student in handling different issues while in college or university. That is why; they can provide them with the lists of interesting research topics for high school students and ask to choose one topic to complete a research paper. Teacher may also ask their students to prepare their own essay topics in order to see their essay topics ideas, check their knowledge, and assess the skills and experiences obtained in class.

Buy term paper that will be written according to your instructions and from scratch.

Here are just a few essay topics for high school:

221. The book character that greatly influenced my life.

222. The problem of bulling in our school.

223. Beauty icons in senior classes: pros and cons.

224. How can an in-school program help prevent self-destructive behaviors among teens?

225. Writing a narrative about overcoming a challenge.

226. Is there too much pressure on females to have perfect bodies?

227. Should english be the official language of the united states?

228. Should students wear school uniforms?

229. Causes of peer pressure in high school.

230. Should songs with curse words be played at school dances?

231. Advantages of public school.

232. Benefits of studying abroad.

233. Can video games cause violence?

234. Should people be able to hide their identity?

235. What does a college education mean to you?

236. What is commercialisation of sports?

237. Why the rich shouldn’t pay more taxes?

238. Should students be able to grade their teachers?

239. What is the right age to have a boyfriend?

240. Why is fashion important to society?

241. Reasons why the voting age should not be lowered.

242. Internet access should be free worldwide.

243. How does standardized testing affect students?


Process Analysis Essay Topics

Process Analysis Essay Topics

Do you know what a process analysis paper or essay is? If not, then we will try to explain in brief what this type of essay is aimed at. A process analysis essay is usually applied in technical writing. The key goal of any process analysis or analytical essay is to explain in a logical and understandable way how a complex system or a mechanism functions.

If you have to write an analysis paper, first of all, you should settle on one of the process analysis essay topics. If you have done with the choice of your topic, then you can start searching for necessary material or data related to your future work. While making an analysis of the collected information, take notes not to lose your ideas or findings. The next step should be devoted to your essay writing. Consider that each essay should consist of basic parts, such as the introduction with an analytical thesis statement, the main body with essential information, and the conclusion. Try to follow all the requirements and peculiarities of the set formatting style while writing your analysis essay. Do not forget to check your essay for plagiarism and possible content mistakes.

244. What happens if we don’t sleep?

245. What is the importance in good teamwork?

246. 2007 Financial Crisis.

247. How to talk someone out of suiciding?

248. Childhood obesity.

249. Is a car considered a deadly weapon?

250. Causes of burnout in nursing.

251. Changes in America.

252. Causes of colonization in America.

253. Effect of population explosion on sustainable development.

254. Impact of education on standard of living.

255. Globalization.

256. The nature of ethics.

257. How much of your income should rent be?

258. What makes us introverts and extroverts?

259. Using language effectively.

260. Ways to reduce poverty in the world.

261. Arthritis.

262. Using a vehicle as a weapon with intent to do harm.

263. How to end a relationship with someone you love?

264. Education gap between rich and poor grows.

265. Long term effects of alcohol and smoking.

266. Biological causes of criminal behavior.

267. Obesity and children.

268. How much of the amazon rainforest has been destroyed?

269. Most important medical development in the last 25 years.

270. Artemisia gentileschi.

271. Demand and supply theory.

272. Econ assignment.


Economic Research Topics

Economic Research Topics

If you major is economics, then you should get ready to have a list of up-to-date and provocative economic research topics, as well as economics essay topics. The following list of economics papers topics should focus on the preference and needs of a wide range of readers, including those who specialize in the field of economics, as well as those who simply interested in some economic issues. Nowadays, it is not a big problem to find interesting debate topics for college or university in the internet in order to use them as an example to prepare your own ones and then to write your researches or essays.

Keep in mind that the field of economics can be subdivided into two subfields: macro- and microeconomics.

We have completed a list of micro- and macroeconomic topics that could be used as samples:

273. Public debt and budget deficit.

274. The economic growth of China.

275. The US monetary policy.

276. Market structure of the UK.

277. Elasticity of customer demand in Norway.

278. Essay about immigration.

279. Government failures made by Vladimir Putin.

280. How social media affects business negatively?

281. The Walt Disney Company.

282. Profit maximization problems solutions.

283. How does the government regulate the economy?

284. Importance of international trade.

285. Why is urbanization increasing in South Asia?

286. Historical evolution of economic system.

287. Who owns the federal reserve bank?

288. What is economic justice in social work?

289. Negative effects of inflation.

290. Internship essay.

291. Unemployment problems and solutions.

292. Meaning of globalization and its impact.

293. Rural entrepreneurship.

294. Netflix Analysis Essay.

295. Role of family in entrepreneurship development.

296. Neoclassical theory of economic growth.

297. What caused the great recession?

298. SWOT analysis strategic planning process.


Medical Research Paper Topics

Medical Research Paper Topics

Are you a student whose major is medicine? If yes, then your teachers are constantly assigning you different essays or researches on a wide scope of medical research paper topics and health and wellness topics. According to statistics, in the majority of cases, medical students are not allowed to choose medical research paper topics or health topics for their works by themselves. In case, a medical student is provided with the freedom to select his / her health related topics, she or he must always discuss them with his/ her teachers or supervisors.

Please have a look at the list of topics that you can use while writing your research or essay in the field of medicine:

299. Eating disorders in women and their influence on pregnancy.

300. Phobic disorders in children: causes and consequences.

301. Drug addition in patients with sleeping beauty syndrome.

302. Men and depression: causes, consequences, treatment.

303. Acute asthma mind map.

304. Should condoms be distributed in schools?

305. Diabetes and work restrictions.

306. Should fast food restaurants serve healthier food?

307. Dangers of drinking soda.

308. Is second hand smoke worse than smoking.

309. Can tanning be good for you?

310. Pros and cons of gastric sleeve surgery.

311. Foods that prevent lung cancer.

312. Abortion Essay.

313. After quitting smoking how to clean lungs?

314. Borderline personality disorder symptoms.

315. Causes of teenage depression.

316. Environmental benefits of organic food.

317. Tobacco effects on the brain.

318. Age related changes in musculoskeletal system.

319. Should there be a ban on private practice by government doctor?

320. Why would someone be in isolation in the hospital?

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Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

Have you ever tried choosing funny speeches or funny argumentative essay topics in order to attract your teacher’s attention or simply make him or her laugh? Humorous papers on fun debate topics are not so easy to complete as the majority of students may think. On the one hand, you should be 100% possessed by what you are writing about, and on the other hand, you should apply all your skills and abilities to make other people get enjoyed and take fun of what you have written about in your essay. Make your piece of writing eye-catching, funny, joyful, and ironic.

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics could be as follows:

321. Men cry more than women.

322. Nothing day’s traditions.

323. Could it be the fourth sex?

324. Does hair color affect perception of intelligence?

325. Why are blondes so attractive?

326. Keep your mom off facebook.

327. Dumbest laws in the world.

328. Funny laws in the US.

329. Funny childhood memories stories.

330. Where do socks go when they disappear?

331. How to get out of the friend zone with your ex boyfriend?

332. How to write a book review if you didn’t read the book?

333. Famous mom sayings.

334. Why do guys wear skinny jeans?

335. Adrenaline activities at home.

336. How to be lazy and successful?

337. Sometimes lying is good.

338. Why do cats like cardboard?

Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay Topics

When you should prepare an argumentative essay, you ought to clearly decide on one of the argumentative essay topics, as well as what position you are going to stick to. You should always back up your point of view with corroborative pieces of evidence or facts provided by outstanding scholars or researchers. One of the most difficult tasks that each student can face is the choice of argumentative topics. Nowadays, no matter what filed of science you are specializing in, there is a wide variety of argumentative research paper topics that you can always focus on.

How to Choose Controversial Topics for Teens?

In the majority of cases, you should pay your attention to those controversial topics for teens that you are crazy about, but you should always be ready that whatever topic you select, you have to conduct thorough research to complete a decent essay that satisfies your teachers’ requirements.

Are you looking for a research papers for sale?

We have prepared the list of several causal argument topics for you to get familiar with what you are supposed to get ready for:

339. Why young generation makes idols of modern celebrities?

340. Should teens be permitted to have tattoos made?

341. Is your mother can become your best friend?

342. Advantages and disadvantages of studying in university?

343. Sexual experience in high school: cons and pros.

It is evident that students in high schools, colleges and universities should choose different topics in various fields they specialize in so as to prepare a great number of written assignments. It should be noted that the today’s process of middle school studying is also aimed at teaching students to prepare different written essays on a wide scope of argumentative essay topics for middle school.

Have a close look at argumentative essay examples topics given below:

344. Pros and cons of living with parents?

345. What is the role of grandparents in bring up their grandchildren?

346. The Significance of the First Romantic Relations

347. Is computer games playing an addiction?

348. How to express your individuality?

349. Why is prostitution illegal?

350. Why cell phones should be banned while driving?

351. Alternatives to animal testing.

352. Animal testing pros and cons.

353. Is animals testing necessary for scientific progress?

354. Child labor in the US today.

355. Should we buy products made with the use of child labor?

356. Can teachers have tattoos.

357. Can doctors have tattoos.

358. What does surveillance means?

359. Can a tenant install a security camera?

360. Should stores be allowed to spy on you?

361. Pros and cons of plastic surgery.

362. Should the death penalty be allowed?

363. When does something become public domain?

364. Why was marijuana made illegal?

365. Why drugs should not be legalized?

366. Gun control: pros and cons.

367. Why Switzerland requires citizens to own guns?

368. No car lifestyle.

369. Disadvantages of telecommuting for employers.

370. Importance of timeliness in customer service.

371. How has America changed over the years?

372. Effects of biodiversity on the environment.

373. Chinese expansion in Africa.

374. How does migration affect the Middle East?

375. Benefits of gender equality in development.

376. Animals dying from climate change.

377. Buddhism: key to happiness.

378. Getting punished for no reason.

379. Going to the mall with my friends.


Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive Essay Topics

Students consider that descriptive writing is one of the easiest ones that their teachers can give them as a home assignment. On the one hand, such a type of essay requires that student find an essay topic idea and prepare an essay without conducting any research. While writing descriptive essays, students should be creative and original. They should refer to their personal experiences.

Descriptive essays always comprise creative writing even if descriptive essays topics may seem uninteresting or dull at first sight. If you are given an exclusive opportunity to choose a topic by yourself, grab it, as 75% of your success will depend on the choice made. Try to do your best to make the chosen topic interesting not only for you but also for your readers.

Descriptive Essay Topics

If you are not sure what your descriptive essay should be about or simply have run out of ideas, why not utilize our minute prompts provided in this article.

380. My favorite place in the city.

381. What kind of job would you like to have?

382. My best friend.

383. Your most unexpected present.

384. The most embarrassing moment in your life.

385. The best gift i have ever received.

386. Best places to work part time in college.

387. Biggest fears in life.

388. My favorite place to shop.

389. A Rose for Emily Essay.

390. What is your favorite song and why?

391. I am my worst enemy.

392. First driving lesson with instructor.

393. Meeting a friend after a long time.

394. Best study methods for exams.

395. Literary analysis.

396. What was the environment in which you were raised.

397. Describe a happy memory from your childhood.

398. Sports event in school.

399. What kind of person do you want to be?

400. When kids get life essay.

401. Describe a friend you had when you were a child.

402. The career i would like to choose .

403. My family tree chart.

Whatever topic you choose, make an emphasis on subjective descriptions in your piece of writing, as they are the descriptive essay leading elements.


Definition Essay Topics

Definition Essay Topics

A definition essay should be long, thorough, and detailed. It is of great significance you choose a term or a word that allows you to dwell a lot on it. Any definition essay comprises several parts: the introduction of the term you are going to write about, the presence of different facts, information or evidence that can help people to understand you.

If you need, you can refer to our site where you can find definition essay topics and definition essay examples. Here are just a few of topics definition essays:

404. Marriage.

405. Success.

406. Happiness.

407. Hatred.

408. Brotherhood.

409. Democracy.

410. Partnership.

411. Fashion.

412. Firmware.

413. Molecular memory.

414. Why was nato created?

415. What religion are the duggars?

416. True meaning of family.

417. History of racism in the world.

418. Best careers for the next ten years.

419. Business attire dress code.

420. Optimistic person.

421. What does independence mean?

422. Secrets to a happy marriage.

423. International terrorism.

424. How to find self happiness?

425. Affiliative sense of humor.

426. Nature of intelligence.

427. Family duty.

428. What is responsibility to you?

429. Progress company.

430. US citizenship requirements for green card holders.

431. How to stop terrorism in the US?


Process Essay Topics

Process Essay Topics

A process essay is to explain how certain things are supposed to be done or provide necessary details regarding how something functions. This type of essay should inform or explain to the readers how to do certain things or what directions or steps should be chosen. While making a choice of process analysis essay topics, you should clearly comprehend the process you are going to dwell on and highlight its significance. After reading your essay, the readers should understand the key principles and get ready to be able to carry out the process described in practice.

While choosing interesting essay topics for your process essays, take into account the experiences and knowledge of those people who will read your piece of writing.

How to select great process paper topics?

The process of process essay writing is very complicated as each minute detail or step should not be overlooked. In selecting process paper topics, you should brainstorm as many ideas as possible and then choose the most interesting one that is worth being studied.

Please find the list of the best process essay topics that you can employ to create your original process essay:

432. US presidential election process.

433. Anna Pavlova dessert preparation.

434. How the Dubai Airport operates?

435. Learning process in high school.

436. Process of getting citizenship in Switzerland.

437. How gain weight?

438. Essay writing process.

439. How to survive in the mountains?

440. University process of application.

441. How to adapt to a new workplace?

442. How to protect privacy on internet?

443. How to choose the right roommate?

444. Difference between complain and complaint.

445. Using instagram in the college classroom.

446. How to live without a car in the suburbs?

447. Easy way to quit smoking.

448. How to start a recycling program at school?

449. Things you need for a birthday party.

450. How to make a business website on your own for free?

451. How to improve spelling for adults?

452. How to learn a language fast?

453. How to make friends when you move to a new school?

454. How to cut costs in business?

455. How to lose weight naturally without exercise?

456. What is the best sport for your body?

457. How to increase employee productivity in the workplace?

458. How to become a good orator?

459. How to write a cv for a job with no experience?


Proposal Essay Topics

Proposal Essay Topics

The key goal of a proposal essay is to propose a specific idea or to provide a piece of argument or evidence so as to convince future readers why it is either bad or good. The process of proposal essay writing can be compared with the process of selling concrete goods where your topic proposal idea and essay are specific goods and your teacher is the customer who is supposed to buy your goods.

Not know where to find the most outstanding proposal essay ideas in order to write an excellent proposal essay? Why not go to go our website and look at the fascinating proposal argument topics?

The top 10 proposal argument topics for your proposal essay:

460. How to prevent cyber bulling?

461. How to cope with an eating disorder?

462. How to help people with disabilities to live a normal life?

463. How to assist homeless people in finding Jobs?

464. How to eliminate racial issue in the workplace?

465. How the level of literacy can be improved in the developing countries of Africa?

466. How to adapt to a new environment in college?

467. How can parents help their children become creative?

468. How people can avoid getting in car accidents?

469. How divorce can be avoided by A married couple?

If you still unsure of your ability to choose a good proposal topic, ask for professional help and support from our online essay and academic writing company.

470. How to improve language and communication skills?

471. What can the US do to get out of debt?

472. How to teach a child to count money?

473. How to prevent drug abuse in a community?

474. How do companies protect customer information?

475. How to prevent negative impact of technology?

476. How to stop prejudice and discrimination?

477. Text messaging communication: advantages and disadvantages.

478. Importance of grading system in education.

479. Factory farming animal cruelty.

480. How to teach responsibility to a teenager?

481. How can we change the world for the better?

482. What is a well rounded education?

483. How to stop someone from drinking and driving?

484. How to keep teachers happy?

485. Why students dropout of school and what can be done?


Problem Solution Essay Topics

Problem Solution Essay Topics

When completing a problem solution essay, one of the problems you can face is to determine which problem solution topic you would like to choose.

In order to handle the above-mentioned problem, you should focus on these topics that you are crazy about or interested in. You should choose the problem that does require that certain solutions should be provided. If you do not have any ideas what you should write about, why not search for help in the internet. Our online academic writing company can easily cope with any of your problematic writing issues. You can always have a look at the lists of numerous problem solution essay topics, as well as problem and solution essay samples.

We focus your attention on the fact that the suggested topics provide you with a lot of possibilities that you can utilize to create your own essay topics.

Here is a list of our problem solution essay topics:

486. Can the ban of tobacco stop lung cancer?

487. Can the application of bicycles reduce noise pollution in the US cities?

488. Music can influence the development of creative thinking in children.

489. E-book can save tropical forests.

490. Planning a good deed can contribute to stress elimination.

491. Solution of terrorism.

492. Solutions for negative effects of technology.

493. Problems with veterans health care.

494. Factory farming animal cruelty.

495. How to stop factory farming?

496. How can religious leaders prevent teenage pregnancy?

497. Do you think we, as a society, are doing enough to help people living in poverty?

498. How to prevent human trafficking in Africa?

499. How has social media changed celebrities?

500. How to get college students to attend events?

501. Should child athletes be pushed hard in order to succeed?

502. How to make your parents say yes to anything you want?

503. How can colleges reduce sexual assault on campus?

504. Education should be free for everyone.

505. Why is gifted education important?

506. How to help someone with mental illness who doesn’t want help?


Exemplification Essay Topics

Exemplification Essay Topics

What is an exemplification essay?

An exemplification essay is considered a specific type of argumentative essay. The aim of an exemplification essay is to provide the readers with certain examples, details or evidence to prove a specific point of view. In order to prove the significance of the topic under research, you should provide your facts or details either descending, ascending or chronological order.

In order to help you to get familiar with such a type of essay, we have completed an exemplification essay topics list, which is given below:

507. What measures should be introduced to reduce the occurrences of terroristic attacks in the European Union?

508. Should euthanasia be legalized in the United Kingdom?

509. Do social media have a positive impact of Chinese online trade?

510. The role of gold in the development of the Roman Empire.

511. The role of symbolism in UK folklore.

512. The current and future role of computing and information technology in United Parcel Service.

513. What is the role of the first lady of the united states?

514. Importance of political communication in democracy.

515. Should drones be governmentally regulated?

516. Gender equality on college campuses.

517. Impact of social media on business.

518. Benefits of working from home for employers.

519. What strategies and methods are most effective during a revolution?

520. Why should countries prohibit the production of nuclear power?

521. Advantages of watching a live performance.

522. Impact of social networking sites on students.

523. Advantages and disadvantages of euthanasia.

524. Pros and cons of religion in public schools.

525. What is wage discrimination?

526. Discrimination against female police officers.

527. What is killing classical music?

528. Factors that determine voting trends.


Synthesis Essay Topics

Synthesis Essay Topics

How to Write a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay implies establishing whether you are able to objectively elaborate a certain object, process or idea. It should be stressed that since synthesis essays are often given at different written tests, you should be knowledgeable about their specific requirements. First of all, you should focus on selecting the best topics to write about.

The topic of your synthesis essay should closely be related to the field you are specializing in, as well as the society you are living in. This can give your essay and arguments provided a specific purpose. Do your best to investigate novel ideas and topics by reading and researching various sources, paying attention to recommendations given, as well as constantly consulting with your tutors. Remember the fresher the idea, the more interested in your essay the readers may become.

Please find some synthesis essay topics below:

529. The influence of social media on high-school students.

530. Fashion revolution in the 21 Century.

531. A close insight of the economic development of Egypt.

532. What should the punishment be for acts of cyberbullying?

533. Evidence against global warming.

534. What was the American dream in the 1920s?

535. Economic benefits of space exploration.

536. Ecological imbalance in nature.

537. Why is China engaged in expansion?

538. Pros and cons of electric cars on the environment.

539. Why did the mid eastern immigrants come to America?

540. Importance of gender equality.

541. Benefits of using technology in the classroom.

542. Accessibility for the disabled a design manual for a barrier free environment.

543. How to cure social anxiety naturally?

544. The death of one man is a tragedy the death of millions is a statistic.

545. Should social media comments be protected by freedom of speech.

546. How does homework help students in the future?

547. Relationship of the church and society.

548. Why is media regulation important?

549. Importance of water in our daily life.

550. Definition of success in life.

551. Women poorer and hungrier than men across the world.

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