4 Types of Essays: Main Peculiarities and Writing Strategies

Writing essays is the very assignment that makes students feel irritated, nervous and confused. One may wonder why a common academic assignment causes such unpleasant feelings. The point is that students are obliged to do the same academic tasks throughout their academic years. It makes them exhausted and unwilling to produce any writing pieces. However, if you find out more about 4 types of essays, you will have great interest in producing different papers. Due to an amazing variety of topics, you can write your paper in the way you want and add it a specific personal style. If you are aware of the main features of writing different essays, you will be able to cover any subject.

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Main Essay Types

All papers are divided into several kinds. Respectively, each type of work is written in a specific way. When it goes about creative writing, there are no strict guidelines one needs to adhere to. You may apply all your creativity and imagination to cover the topic. However, we talk about academic papers. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the kinds the academic writing pieces are classified into. Then, it is required to identify the way each paper type should be produced in. Note that there are 4 types of essays such as narrative, persuasive, descriptive, and expository.

Writing Expository Essays

When producing an expository essay, you are to impart concrete facts about the matter under consideration. The aim of this paper is to help readers find out more about the topic. For instance, if you are taking a course in geography, you may need to prepare an expository essay about the active volcanos. In this piece of writing, you need to present reliable data about the subject and your research results.

Characteristic Features of an Expository Essay

  • It is written in the third person
  • It provides relevant information about the issue
  • It consists of five paragraphs
  • It identifies the causes and effects of the problem
  • It suggests solutions to the discussed problem

Creating a Persuasive Essay

This is one of the types of argument essays. The purpose of this paper is to convince readers to share your point of view about the analyzed subject. One may need to examine some moral, ethical or social issues. For example, if you think that death sentence should be suspended, you may write an argumentative paper presenting the cons of the mentioned punishment. Note that it is essential to use reliable sources only, as your work should be based on strong arguments.

Main Peculiarities of a Persuasive Essay

  • It can be produced in the first or third person
  • It is written in the form of a dispute
  • It includes 4 or 5 paragraphs
  • It presents the author’s viewpoint on the discussed issue
  • It defines the similarities and differences between the analyzed matter and the items of the same group

Descriptive Essay Writing

When dealing with this paper, you need to vividly describe a specific matter by using the sense of touch, sight, taste, smell, and sound. If you clearly depict the investigated subject, it will be easier for readers to get the main idea. There are various types of essay writing of a descriptive nature. For example, when creating an application essay, you are to describe yourself in the best way to get admitted to the chosen institution.

Distinctive Qualities of a Descriptive Essay

  • It requires demonstrating your creative abilities
  • It can be written in the first, second, or third person
  • It usually comprises 3-5 paragraphs
  • It describes the subject by referring to 5 senses of perception
  • It portray the matter vividly

Producing a Narrative Essay

What are the types of essays of a narrative character? The chief aim of such papers is to tell readers a story. If you are assigned to write such a work, be creative and add a specific zest to it. You can create an interesting plot, describe the setting and characters in your own way. Your narrative essay should help readers gain valuable experience or realize some important life-related issues. When writing your work, you need to make readers feel the significance of the discussed issue.

Specific Traits of a Narrative Essay

  • A story is told with a particular aim
  • It is usually written in the first person (using the third person is also possible)
  • It can be 3 paragraphs long (or as a book in length)
  • It uses different literary devices and quotations
  • It describes the events in a logical order

In general, all types of essays are written according to the same rules. Nevertheless, there are still some differences between them. Mind that expository essays provide hard facts about the subject, narrative essays tell a legend, persuasive essays try to convince readers of something, and descriptive essays vividly depict a situation.

Structural Essay Components

It should be admitted that different types of essays have much in common. They consist of the same structural elements such as an introductory paragraph, main body and conclusion. Though each kind of paper explores different subjects, the purpose of each paper section is the same.

  • Introductory Paragraph
  1. It presents the topic and succinctly describes the main points which you will discuss in the essay body.
  2. It provides basic facts about the analyzed subject.
  3. A thesis statement is presented at the end of the introduction and highlights the fundamental idea of a paper.
  • Body
  1. This section presents the main discussion. It provides straightforward facts and compelling evidence about the examined subject.
  2. The body paragraphs develop the thesis statement presented in the introduction.
  3. Every paragraph is focused on covering a certain aspect of the topic.
  • Concluding Section
  1. This part should summarize the ideas discussed in a paper and restate a thesis statement.
  2. This section should leave readers with a strong impression. Therefore, it should be written in an appealing way stimulating readers to take steps to achieving something. It may end with a firm concluding thesis.

In order to properly evaluate various types of college essays written by students, professors take into account the following points:

  • Are the sentences grammatically correct? Is the text constructed logically?
  • Is a paper written in a specific writer’s style? Is the text clear?
  • Is the topic explored in detail?
  • Is the main idea covered completely?

If you have examined the subject thoroughly and structured your paper correctly, you can be sure that your piece of writing is solid. Moreover, if you have produced an engaging academic work attracting readers’ attention, you can rest assured you have met quality standards.

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